Reviews |K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32 (1-5 Stops) ND Lens Filter Review

K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32 (1-5 Stops) ND Lens Filter Review

K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32

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Our Verdict

The K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32 (1-5 Stops) ND Lens Filter impresses with outstanding build quality and performance at a midrange price. The filter offers excellent image sharpness and natural colour reproduction and adds a touch of contrast; it’s an ideal solution for all photographers and videographers looking for a decent VND.

When it comes to build quality, the CNC trapezoidal pattern of the outer ring coupled with the small red thumb adjuster, intensity markings, and rotation stopped all make this a very attractive choice.

Everything for the price is well balanced, but this is a midrange product, so there are a few slight compromises, like the friction noise and style over functionality storage bag. However, it leads the field when it comes to balance, and if you’re after a VND, then this is one of the best quality and priced options out there.


  • True Colour
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Excellent ND range for natural results and video


  • Noticeable Friction Noise
  • Storage Bag, style over substance

What is the K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32 (1-5 Stops) ND Lens Filter?

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The K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32 (1-5 Stops) ND Lens Filter is designed to offer adjustable neutral density ranging from 1 to 5 stops, essentially reducing the amount of light that can pass through the lens to extend exposures.

The filter is of the screw-type design with a range of lens diameter options available from 49 to 82mm.

The filter is made up of a 28-layer nano-coated Japanese optical glass and provides anti-scratch, waterproof, and oil-resistant properties. The coating features titanium technology that helps to resolve the yellowing problem that can occur in video shooting and helps to retain true colour.

K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32

An area of filters that is often overlooked is the outer design. Yet, here, K&F Concept has utilised a CNC trapezoidal pattern on the mirror frame and self-locking technology ensures easy rotation to adjust the intensity of the density effect.

Build and Handling

The K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32 (1-5 Stops) ND Lens Filter has an instant quality and premium feel despite being positioned in the mid-range price category.

The all-important optics are made from Japanese optical glass and feature an oxidised and sandblasted surface. The CNC trapezoidal pattern on the frame is beautifully finished and aesthetically pleasing, but it’s not just the looks. It’s also highly functional, providing extra friction during rotation, although it does lack the silky smoothness found in some premium brands such as Tiffen and Lee.

K&F highlights the innovative self-locking technology that offers convenient step-less adjustment; in reality, this feels more like a simple use of friction as the two sections of the filters rotate.

K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32

As with many VND filters, an extra lever is attached to the side to make the filter rotation easier. This is a nice touch, but if you want to remove it then the two screws holding it in place can untightened and the level lifted free.

The other part of the filter is the case that it arrives in. This is of a retro design, and aesthetically and functionally, to a point it works well. Unlike many fabric versions, it’s nice and slim and features an orange pull cord on the side that effectively lifts the filter out of the case. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with the case, but from experience, I have found that a sealed case, although far from aesthetic, is more functional, especially when it comes to the long-term protection of the filter.


The K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32 filter’s most defining feature is the new titanium coating technology; this helps eliminate the yellowing problem seen with some types of VND, especially when filming. This titanium coating essentially retains the natural colour of the scene.

As previously covered, the filter is made up of 28-layer nano-coating made with Japanese optical glass to ensure optimal optical quality and is waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-resistant.

The glass is the main focus, but the exterior frame also has a few design features that make it stand out, such as the CNC trapezoidal pattern on the exterior of the rings. These textures, one style on the front and another on the rear element are slightly different, so in use, it’s easy to feel the difference.

K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32

K&F Concept also boasts a self-locking technology, which allows step-less rotation between 1st and 5th gear, and there’s a rotation stop to prevent the black cross phenomenon, which can happen if the polariser elements are rotated too far. The outer ring also features a useful push lever, which helps with the smooth rotation of the filter.


Living up to its name, the True Color Variable ND technology, for the most part, retains the authentic colour of a scene. When shooting video, there was no sign of any yellowing of the image, and overall, the footage and images showed a slightly enhanced contrast and vibrancy.

When it comes to build quality, the filter absolutely feels premium, with its CNC trapezoidal pattern and the matt black finish of the filter all adding to that feel. Although not as smooth as some high-end counterparts, such as those from Tiffen and Lee, the filter was still built and optically of a high quality. The image quality is excellent, preserving sharpness and subtly increasing the vibrancy of images, capturing more details in clouds, a pleasing effect similar to using a CPL.

My one issue is that the self-locking technology seems to actually just be friction, which means that the rotation isn’t as smooth as you’d expect with some other filters, again, those higher-end examples.

K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32

Some of the other features are a little more apparent, such as the nano-coating that succeeds in keeping the front optic resistant to water, scratches, and dirt. The 1-5 stop adjustable range proves versatile for various scenarios, without any dark corners in focal lengths greater than 24mm. As most of the lenses I’m using are 24mm and above, this isn’t an issue; the only one at present that is wider is the excellent IRIX 11mm CINE lens, but this is completely different.

The filter also performs exceptionally well for video shooting, allowing subtle light adjustments and making it easier to adhere to the 180º shutter rule, enhancing contrast, tone, and colour.

Overall, the filter’s performance is excellent and offers outstanding value, especially considering its midrange price.

Final thoughts

The K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32 (1-5 Stops) ND Lens Filter is a great option for photography and videography. It offers exactly what you would want from a VND at a very reasonable price.

While some of the features are a little suspect, such as the self-locking technology, which is more just the result of friction than a complex gearing system than anything unique, it doesn’t detract from the fact that this is still a great filter.

K&F Concept True Color Variable ND2-32

The design of the filter itself, with that textured outer, matt finish and small lever, make it very usable, while the coating absolutely does the job they’re intended to do.

When it comes to optical quality, the filter is superb, considering the price against other VNDs. Overall, this is one of the best VNDs presently available at the price.