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Hollyland Lark Max Review

Hollyland Lark Max

Our Verdict

The LARK MAX wireless microphone set instantly makes its mark as a solid performer tailored for professional and enthusiast use. The wireless mics supply quality sound that takes Environmental Noise Cancellation to the next level with clear and full-toned vocals even when the surroundings are against you.

Boasting features like 14-hour backup recording, long-lasting 22-hour battery life, and a serious 820ft transmission range, these mics deliver on their promises, barring a few hiccups when obstacles step in.

The build quality is excellent, the interface is user-friendly, and the audio quality is excellent.

The LARK MAX microphones stand out as a sound choice for high-quality audio recording in a market that is getting increasingly crowded.


  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Extensive Battery Life
  • Advanced Noise Cancellation


  • Obstructed Transmission Issues
  • Premium Price Point
  • Limited Smartphone Compatibility

What is Hollyland LARK MAX?

The LARK MAX wireless microphone kit is designed with serious content creators in mind, offering features that address various recording needs.

Advanced features such as MaxTimbre Mic technology promises studio-quality audio, Environmental Noise Cancellation for those challenging shooting conditions, and a lengthy 820ft line-of-sight transmission range.

A noteworthy inclusion is the 8GB of storage that enables up to 14 hours of backup audio recording, a feature which could prove invaluable in longer sessions or when unexpected circumstances arise.

Hollyland Lark Max

Additionally, the device delivers a hefty 22-hour battery life, ensuring you won’t be left in the lurch midway through a shoot. On the receiver, an easy-to-read 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen is convenient and user-friendly.


  • Technology: MaxTimbre Mic technology
  • Audio Quality: Studio quality with Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • Storage: 8GB internal, enabling up to 14 hours of backup audio recording
  • Transmission Rang: 820ft (250m) line of sight
  • Battery Life: 22-hour Long Duration
  • Screen: 1.1-inch colour AMOLED touchscreen
  • Connection : 3.5mm socket

Build and Handling

The LARK MAX wireless microphones exhibit a robust quality that balances durability and a sleek design. The compact and sturdy structure showcases a thoughtful layout of features and controls, making the device intuitive and comfortable.

The mics are unobtrusive and attach easily to clothing, or you can attach a Lavalier mic for a more discreet option. Like the rest of the design, the main clip is strong and feels robust, with small teeth to help hold it in place.

All of the main controls on the transmitters are designed and include a direct button for the Environmental Noise Cancellation switch and the internal recording button.

Hollyland Lark Max

On to the receiver and the 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen features a well-thought-out interface, ensuring easy navigation through settings and options. As ever, the receiver features a cold. Shoe mount that enables you to slip it into a camera hot shoe or cage slot, and then a 3.5mm jack attaches the receiver to the camera.


The LARK MAX wireless microphones have advanced features that elevate them to a professional standard. The proprietary MaxTimbre Mic technology is a standout, offering a high-quality 48kHz Sampling Rate & 24-bit Bit Depth, a 70dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), and a 128dB Max Sound Pressure Level (SPL). This impressive technology ensures the capturing of clear, rich, and detailed sound, elevating the audio recording experience to a higher level than many other wireless mics I have recently tested.

Another notable feature is the advanced Environmental Noise Cancellation. This enables you to effectively reduce ambient noises by pressing a single button on the transmitter, enhancing the focus on the subject’s voice; green on the status light means noise cancelling is on, and blue means off. Furthermore, this technology is designed to retain the natural richness of the voice, setting it apart from many competitors.

The device also impresses with its 8GB of internal storage, allowing up to 14 hours of backup recording. This functionality, combined with a great 22-hour battery life, ensures the LARK MAX can meet the demands of extended shooting sessions.

Hollyland Lark Max


The LARK MAX delivers on its promise of high-quality audio recording, providing professional-grade sound quality thanks to its MaxTimbre Mic technology and advanced Environmental Noise Cancellation. The audio clarity is exceptional, capturing rich and natural tones even in environments with ambient noise. The noise cancellation is not just effective, but it also retains the depth of voice, making it stand out from competitors.

The USPs of the device come to life in real-world testing. The extended battery life and 14-hour backup recording live up to their claims, proving incredibly beneficial during long shoots. The charging case adds another convenience layer, ensuring the units stay powered throughout the day.

Regarding compatibility, the LARK MAX works seamlessly with various camera models, including Canon EOS R5 C, Sony A7R V, and A7 III, as tested. These units can also be used with your mobile phone, but for now, I have left this feature but will review it later.

Hollyland Lark Max

The stable transmission range does hold up under ideal, clear-sight conditions. However, it should be noted that major obstacles do affect transmission quality.

One of the features that I always look out for is the ability to switch between Mono and Stereo, which are quickly accessed with the small screen and dial; there’s also a safety track option. This versatility is particularly useful in different shooting scenarios.

In Mono mode, the audio from both mics is combined into a single channel, which is ideal for interviews or podcasts where maintaining a consistent audio level between speakers is crucial. On the other hand, stereo mode assigns each mic to a separate channel, creating a more immersive sound experience that mimics how human ears perceive sound in real life.

Hollyland Lark Max

The Safety Track feature is one that I haven’t seen on this level of the wireless mic before and is a significant addition. It records a backup track at a lower volume to prevent clipping or distortion if the audio unexpectedly gets too loud. This can be a lifesaver in post-production, providing a safety net against unpredictable audio spikes.

The ease of switching between these modes on the LARK MAX adds another layer of convenience and adaptability, tailoring its performance to meet the specific demands of any audio recording scenario.

Final thoughts

The LARK MAX wireless microphones bring an undeniable touch of refinement and professionalism to audio recording, standing out against competitors. Its distinctive blend of quality, performance, and convenience makes it a compelling choice for high-end enthusiasts and professionals.

The MaxTimbre Mic technology, backed by impressive noise cancellation features, delivers top-notch audio clarity that is hard to beat. At the same time, its compact design and robust build quality make it an ideal choice for anyone using their mirrorless or DSLR camera to shoot video and record audio.

The versatility of the Mono, Stereo and Safety Track modes ensures you get the audio you need, whatever the filming scenario. Although slightly affected by obstacles, the impressive transmission range still outperforms most on the market, and the added convenience of backup recording is undeniably beneficial.

Hollyland Lark Max

The LARK MAX stands out against the competition for many reasons, but primarily, it’s that quality of sound. The Lark Max can retain a richer tone where other systems leave the noise cancelled audio lacking lustre and weak.

If you’re in the market for a wireless mic system, then the Hollyland Max may be a little more expensive, but the overall quality and audio are worth the additional cost if you can afford it.