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Hollyland Lark M2 review

It is an Ideal All-Round Solution with the Added Bonus of Mobile Phone Compatibility for Versatile Recording.

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Our Verdict

The Hollyland Lark M2 has launched into a crowded market of dual wireless mic systems. Yet, it instantly manages to stand out with a set of features ideally suited to vloggers, influencers, content creators, and anyone in need of high-quality, camera or smartphone-compatible vocal mics without any fuss.

Arriving in a small charging case, the wireless Lavalier mics can be quickly attached to presenters with small yet powerful magnets. These magnets have enough strength to hold lightweight devices through a mid-weight wool jumper without issue, so T-shirts and shirts are no problem.

While the mics are enclosed, so there’s no option to attach a wired lavalier, they are small enough to be relatively discreet, although the logo does draw attention.

In use, they’re simple enough but offer plenty of control over noise cancellation and volume either through the receiver when connected to a camera or through the LarkSound App when used with a mobile device.

Couple these features with a battery life of 10 hours and outstanding audio quality, and there’s little here not to like: easy, great audio quality, well-priced, and really essential if you just want decent audio without the fuss.


  • Very Small
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Comes with a Charging Case


  • Prominent Logo on Transmitter
  • Lacks Clip Option
  • Relies on Magnets

What is the Hollyland Lark M2?

Building upon Hollyland’s established reputation with their previous Lark models, particularly the Lark M1, the M2 sets itself apart with its incredibly compact design and vastly enhanced feature set.

The transmitter mics are remarkably small, and even though the receiver is a tad larger, it still maintains an impressively small size and easily slots into the camera’s hot shoe slot or a cage’s cold shoe. When it comes to connecting the receiver to the camera, this can be done through a standard 3.5mm output.

Moving onto the lavalier mics, these have been designed with speed of use in mind. Essentially, they look like two small discs, and unlike most mics that use clips, these have magnets as the only way of attaching to clothes. These magnets are relatively powerful and will easily fix the mics in position through a mid-weight woolly jumper. They also enable far more options when it comes to positioning over a standard clip mount system.

Hollyland Lark M2 charging case empty

Now, that’s where most systems would end: two transmitter mics and the receiver. But with the Lark M2, it all goes a step further, and it’s this additional feature that makes the Lark M2 one of the most versatile wireless mic systems out there. In the box are two additional receiver units, one for Apple’s Lightning phones and the other for USB Type-C mobiles. Plug in the adapter, and the two wireless Lavalier mics automatically connect.

This means you have the option of recording on the camera using the standard receiver, or you can record on your mobile device with the LarkSound App. In this test, I’m using the iPhone 15 Pro and a Vivo X100, and I used both; the App is simple but highly effective with plenty of control.


  • Type: Wireless Lavalier Microphone System
  • Transmission: 2.4GHz
  • Audio Quality: 48 kHz/24-bit
  • Battery Life: 10 hours (30 hours with charging case)
  • Maximum Unobstructed Distance: 300m
  • Components: 2 transmitter mics, 1 receiver, charging case

Build and Handling

The Hollyland Lark M2 is a kit consisting of one charging case that contains two wireless Lavalier mics and one receiver. In addition to this, there are two more receiver units, one with a Lightning connector and the other with USB Type-C. These additional receivers are designed to plug into the base of a mobile phone and, in conjunction with the Lark Sound App, allow you to connect and record from the mics directly to your mobile phone.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to connect the mics to both the camera-mounted receiver and the phone receiver simultaneously as a backup. Also, the size of the units means that they are just transmitter mics with no internal recording storage or function. However, there is still a great deal on offer here.

One instant annoyance is that the charging case contains all the standard parts: two mics and a receiver, but there needs to be more space for the phone receiver or, for that matter, a cable. So, while the charging case is very compact and neat, you still have to carry around a few additional accessories. However, it’s worth noting that Hollyland has supplied a bag to keep everything neat.

Hollyland Lark M2 charging case open

The case, which is a decent addition, not only charges the mics and receiver but also features an internal battery that will fully recharge the system twice. So, while the mics and receiver in isolation will last some ten hours of use, with the charging case, that’s suddenly boosted to 30 hours.

In use, the receiver slots into the camera’s hot shoe and then connects by means of the 3.5mm audio jack, cable in the bag, not in the case. The mics are extremely small, not quite as small as traditional lavalier mics, but not too far off. This would make them nice and discreet if it weren’t for the large logo on the front. The mics attach with magnets to clothing rather than clips, which makes them far easier to position than most.

Once everything is attached, the large dial on top of the receiver can be used to adjust the input volume. On the side of the receiver are two buttons, one for power and the other for pairing.

The transmitter mics are extremely simple, with the mic at the top, contacts at the bottom, and the noise-cancelling button in yellow on the side. What they lack is a 3.5mm socket to attach a wired Lavalier mic, which makes sense as these mics are supposed to be a direct replacement for that style of microphone.

There is one more part to the kit: the mobile phone adapter. It comes in two types: USB Type-C and Lightning. Both plug into the base of the compatible phone and then connect to the mics. If you swap from the camera-mounted receiver to the phone receiver, it’s simply a case of powering down the one you don’t want. The wireless mics will automatically connect to whichever receiver has power. This feature is particularly convenient if audio isn’t your strong point.


Taking a closer look at the Hollyland Lark M2, it’s evident that Hollyland has incorporated advanced technology from their higher-end mic systems into this more accessible entry-level kit. The use of 2.4GHz wireless transmission not only ensures a stable connection between the transmitter mics and receiver but also provides superior audio quality, especially at longer distances compared to Bluetooth.

The system’s design is both compact and lightweight, slightly larger than a standard Lavalier mic. Although more visible than traditional micro-sized lavalier mics, the Lark M2 balances this with functionality. While there is an option for a clip, the primary design focus is on its magnetic attachment system. This system, featuring a small yet powerful magnet, allows for easy attachment of the mics to clothing, with the fabric being clamped between the magnet and a metal surface. This magnetic system, though increasingly popular, is one of the smallest applications I’ve encountered.

The receiver is equally well-designed, with an easy-to-use volume control dial for straightforward input adjustments. Its connectivity options are versatile, including a USB Type-C port for connecting to a tablet or computer and a standard 3.5mm audio socket for direct camera connection.

Hollyland Lark M2 charging case

The combo kit also includes mobile phone receivers, which plug directly into the base of the phone. Audio options can then be adjusted via the App, which primarily serves as a monitoring and setting adjustment tool for the wireless system rather than for recording. It’s important to note that not all iOS and Android apps support external mics, so checking compatibility beforehand is advisable.

Audio flexibility is further enhanced by the mono/stereo audio splitting capability, broadening the range of audio output options. The noise cancelling feature also offers multiple settings – a simple on/off when mounted on a camera, and additional Strong or Weak options when used with the App.

Throughout, small LEDs on the device helpfully indicate the selected options, whether it’s the connection status, audio split from stereo to mono, or noise cancelling settings, ensuring ease of use and clarity in all aspects of the operation.


When evaluating wireless mic kits, the first thing I consider is how comprehensive the package or kit is in terms of including everything needed. Hollyland excels in this aspect with the Lark M2, supplying all necessary components, all of which can be conveniently stored in the fabric bag that comes with the kit. This is a reasonable offering at this price point, though a step up to the Lark Max offers a semi-hard case for enhanced organization and protection.

The Lark M2 provides everything you need to get started, whether filming with your camera or smartphone. Using the system with a camera involves a simple connection via a 3.5mm cable. Setting up is straightforward; the receiver automatically activates upon removal from the charging case, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Similarly, once one or two transmitter mics are removed from the case, they almost instantly pair, indicated by a blue light during pairing and a solid green light once pairing is complete.

While audio levels can be monitored through your camera’s interface, it’s worth noting that the receiver lacks level indicators. A convenient feature is the large dial on top of the receiver, which allows for quick and incremental adjustments to the input level.

Hollyland Lark M2 mic

Designed for simplicity, the audio is automatically split so that mic 1 sits on channel 1 and mic 2 on channel 2. Switching to mono recording mode is as easy as a long press on the receiver’s side button, a testament to the kit’s user-friendly design.

The mics don’t offer the ability to adjust the individual mic settings across both channels as a dual mono. Using the App to record to an iPhone, the options remain straightforward, emphasizing the design intention of these mics to be used with minimal audio knowledge and settings adjustment.

In terms of audio quality, the output from the small microphones is quite good and clear, with a slightly heavier bass than usual, which isn’t adjustable. This is partly due to the environmental noise cancellation feature, which, when turned off in certain locations, can make the audio recording sound much richer. It’s advisable to conduct a test depending on your recording environment.

A notable feature is the Lark M2’s utilization of 2.4GHz transmission, which ensures excellent transmission strength. During testing, I only ventured up to 10m from the mic, but theoretically, the range could extend up to 300m, according to the literature. Even at about 100m, the transmission quality remained solid.

Overall, the quality of the Lark M2 is superb, with outstanding performance. The build quality significantly surpasses that of the original Lark M1s, imparting a sense of premium quality not often found in wireless microphones at this price point. Performance-wise, this kit is simple and easy to understand – aside from plugging in, there’s little else you need to know to capture great audio quality.

Final Thoughts

The Hollyland Lark M2 emerges as an excellent choice for content creators seeking a high-quality, well-priced dual mic system that boasts a degree of discretion. This package comes with everything you need to start recording, and the substantial 10-hour battery life, extendable to 30 hours with the charging case, ensures you can rely on them for extended multi-day shoots.

The overall quality of the mics, receiver, and case is commendable. While the components are stored in a fabric bag rather than a dedicated hard case, this is a minor concession, given that this is an entry-level set of mics.

For those new to audio equipment, the Lark M2 stands out for its simplicity. However, it’s advisable to check the audio before recording, as the noise-cancelling feature can be somewhat overzealous. The lowest setting or turning it off often yields the best results. Additionally, the App offers different noise cancellation options compared to the camera receiver, adding versatility.

Hollyland Lark M2 charging case back

The magnetic mounting system deserves special mention for its increasing popularity and effective application in this model. The strong magnets facilitate easy positioning of the mics, which are among the smallest on the market. This makes them ideal for lighter clothing, where heavier mics might cause the fabric to sag. For those who prefer a more traditional setup, magnetic clips are included in the box.

In summary, the Hollyland Lark M2 mics provide an excellent entry-level audio solution. They are straightforward to use and adjust, catering well to users without prior audio knowledge.