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Growatt VITA 550 Review

Growatt VITA 550

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Our Verdict

The Growatt VITA 550 Portable Power Station is a solid sidekick for photographers and videographers, boasting a combination of portability and power.

Its ability to charge swiftly from a standard mains power socket or solar panels can be a lifesaver when you’re out on site. An added bonus is the Watt+ feature that essentially power boosts the maximum output, enabling up to 1050W from the standard 600W, which is more than enough to run your camera gear and lighting setup comfortably.

Although at 538Wh, that capacity might run thin during a full day’s shoot, however in the van, it’s great for topping up batteries.

Increasingly with these power stations, there’s a reliance on Apps to access features, and the Growatt VITA 550 is a prime example, with the MyGro App providing remote control and power monitoring.

The Growatt VITA 550 feels built for the outdoors with a robust yet lightish; for this type of thing, build as well as handy features like a fold-down handle and a phone charging pad on top.

The fan noise under full load is a minor gripe against its reliable performance. For photography and videography professionals seeking a reliable portable power solution, the Growatt VITA 550 is well worth considering.


  • Fast Charging
  • Robust
  • Easy handling


  • Small Capacity Limitations
  • Minimal featured App
  • Noisy Cooling Fans

What is the Growatt VITA 550

The Growatt VITA 550 Portable Power Station is a compact power station that lets you take mains power with you. Its standout features include a 538Wh capacity and 600W output, coupled with a rapid charging time of 1.6 hours from mains or 2.5 hours from solar panels, although that depends on the panels and the amount of sunlight.

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The Growatt VITA 550 Watt+ feature is similar to other manufacturer’s power boost features and enables it to power devices beyond the standard 600W output and increases it to 1050W.

Further enhancing its appeal, the VITA 550 can be conveniently controlled via the MyGro App, providing real-time power monitoring and device control. With a life cycle of over 3000 cycles to 80% and a weight of just 8.16kg, it promises a balance of longevity and portability.


  • Power Station Type: Portable
  • Capacity: 538Wh
  • Battery Life: 10 Years
  • Weight: 17.99lbs (8.16kg)
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.4 x 7.8in
  • AC Output: 600W (Surge 1200W)
  • Power boost (Watt+): 1050W


The VITA 550 manages to combine compactness and power in one unit. While many portable power stations claim ease of portability, VITA 550 definitely delivers on this front. Its compact size, fold-down handle and innovative top ledge design makes it easy to transport and pack away when not in use.

Growatt VITA 550

The Growatt VITA 550 power station also impresses with a range of well-spaced ports on the front, which can comfortably accommodate devices with large power adapters, such as the MacBook Pro. A mention should also go to the wireless charging pad on the top, which is a useful feature as it’s not only a great place to keep your phone handy but will top it up with a charge at the same time.

On the front is a large LCD that shows the present status and this coupled with the MyGro App gives you full control over power management and delivers essential information.


The Growatt VITA 550 Portable Power Station performed well throughout the tests and for the most part met the demands of professional photography and videography shoot. The design whilst compact is robust and stood up to less than careful use on an outdoor shoot, providing power to the computer as well as topping up the camera and V-Lock batteries.

The Watt+ feature has similarities with other manufacturers’ offerings, and lives up to the company promises, although I only took it up to 900W with several cameras, lights and the laptop attached. Activation is easy enough through the MyGro App and although you have up to 1050W to play with, you should be mindful of the accelerated battery drainage, in this case, a little over 20 minutes.

Between the simplicity of the LCD and the companion MyGro App, these both provide a user-friendly way of monitoring power usage.

Growatt VITA 550

The VITA 550’s stated charging times were pretty accurate, and its performance with solar charging was also surprisingly good if not exactly matching the claimed 2.5 hours. I used two 200W panels from another manufacturer and they connected and charged without issue, the time difference between the stated and actual is of course due to the weather and sunlight here in the UK rather than the effectiveness of the solar charge. Considering the battery is smaller in capacity than most it took an impressive 4 hours to reach 100%.

One thing to note is the noise under load which with the whir of the fans is quite noisy, but no more so than other units.

Final thoughts

The Growatt VITA 550 Portable Power Station has proven to be a good solution as a power source for on-location shoots, although I would have liked a little more capacity. Its design and features make it a versatile option for photographers and videographers. Its compact size and handle design, combined with a weight that’s on the lighter side for power stations, make it an easily portable choice.

The Watt+ feature provides an appreciated power boost when needed, albeit at the cost of quicker battery drain. However, the capability to sustain higher power draw devices could be a game-changer in some scenarios.

Growatt VITA 550

The companion MyGro App is also well worth a mention and while it doesn’t unlock some of the features that other apps provide such as silent operation, Eco or child lock it does provide just enough functionality.

While it doesn’t directly improve your photography, the VITA 550 does help out on shoots by providing off-grid power, being small and versatile.

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