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Godox X2T-S Wireless Flash Trigger Review

Godox X2T review

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Our Verdict

The Godox X2T-S TTL Wireless Flash Trigger is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the X1T-S. It offers full wireless TTL control, making it highly versatile and convenient for photographers. The X2T-S is compatible with other Godox products, expanding its potential even further. With the addition of Bluetooth support, users can now control their flash settings through an iOS or Android smartphone, offering even more convenience.

The X2T-S features a better dial layout than the X1T-S, improving access to options and settings although the interface still takes a bit of working out. One of the downsides of this new model is that the sync port found on the X1T-S has been removed, but there is still a 2.5mm sync port and the overall design and functionality have improved. The memory function is another useful feature, allowing photographers to store their preferred settings for quick access.

One limitation of the X2T-S is that it’s dedicated to specific camera systems, so you need to buy the version compatible with your camera brand. However, this is common among most flash triggers on the market.


  • Comprehensive wireless flash control
  • Bluetooth support for smartphones
  • Enhanced user interface design


  • Loss of sync port
  • Brand-specific compatibility required
  • Slight learning curve initially

What is the Godox X2T-S is a wireless flash trigger

The Godox X2T-S is a wireless flash trigger designed for Sony cameras, providing full TTL metering and advanced control options. It’s also available for other camera brands, ensuring that photographers using different systems can enjoy the same benefits. The X2T-S has wireless channel and group control, making it easy to manage multiple flashes in a shoot.

If the name sounds familiar, then that’s due to the X2T-S being the update to the Godox X1T-S and offers several notable feature benefits that enhance user experience and improve overall functionality.

The first major update is the improved User Interface: The X2T-S boasts a more intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for photographers to navigate and adjust settings. Further aiding navigation, the X2T-S features a larger LCD display, providing better visibility and a clearer view of settings and adjustments.

Godox X2T review

The addition of Bluetooth support in the X2T-S allows photographers to control the flash trigger using an iOS or Android smartphone, offering more convenient remote control options.

The X2T-S has added group buttons on top of the control unit, enabling quicker and more straightforward separation of flash units into groups and separate access to each group. The function buttons and group buttons on the X2T-S are backlit, making them easier to use in low-light conditions. The control dial on the X2T-S has been repositioned to the lower left corner, reducing interference with camera operation and enhancing overall ergonomics.

The X2T-S features an improved hot shoe quick-lock system that replaces the tightening wheel found on the X1T-S, offering a more secure and convenient attachment to the camera.

Godox X2T review

Power output control on the X2T-S now includes a minimum output of 1/256 with incremental steps of 1/10 stop, providing more precise control over lighting.

The addition of Bluetooth support allows photographers to control the flash trigger using their smartphones, making it even more user-friendly. The X2T-S is powered by two AA batteries, making it both portable and easy to maintain. It also features a focus assist light for improved low-light performance.


  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Range: 100m
  • TTL Dedication: i-TTL
  • Channels: 32 and 100 wireless IDs
  • Groups: 5 (A, B, C, D, E)
  • Flash modes: TTL, manual, Multi
  • Sync mode: 1st curtain, 2nd curtain sync, high-speed sync
  • Max sync speed: 1/8000 sec
  • Dimensions (transmitter): 72 x 70 x 58 mm
  • Weight (transmitter): 90g


The Godox X2T-S delivered an excellent performance as a wireless flash trigger, and over the test period, it proved to be a valuable addition to my kit bag. The build quality is excellent, and as the trigger was thrown in and pulled out of my kitbag, it felt durable enough to stand up to years of use.

In basic use the trigger is easy enough to use, offering full flash metering for Sony-compatible Godox flashes or their wireless receivers. While general use was easy enough as more receivers were paired with the transmitter the manual was called on to illustrate how to access some of the settings, especially when setting up groups and channels, the button and dial interface do become intuitive and easy to navigate with practice.

When paired with the VING V860III Speedlight, the X2T-S demonstrates exceptional performance, providing seamless control over the flash unit. The focus assists light, while requiring careful manual reading for setup, proves to be a helpful feature in low-light situations.

Godox X2T review

One of the downsides is the removal of the traditional sync port found on the X1T-S, but the overall design improvements and added features make up for this loss. The X2T-S’s performance remains reliable and consistent throughout various shooting scenarios, making it a dependable choice for photographers.

The Bluetooth support is a welcome addition, enabling users to control their flash settings using an iOS or Android smartphone. This offers even more convenience and ease of use, particularly when managing multiple flash units during a shoot.

Compatibility with other Godox products further enhances the X2T-S’s performance and versatility, allowing photographers to create a comprehensive lighting setup tailored to their needs. This compatibility ensures that the X2T-S is a solid investment for those who already own or plan to purchase other Godox equipment.

Final Thoughts

In our final analysis, the Godox X2T-S wireless flash trigger stands out as excellent value for money. Its compatibility with other Godox products provides plenty of flexibility, allowing photographers to create a powerful lighting system that can be easily expanded.

The X2T-S’s ability to be used with non-Godox flashes when coupled with other Godox products further enhances its versatility, making it an appealing option for photographers who may already have a mix of brands in their gear collection.

One of the standout features of the X2T-S is its flash pass-through capability, which enables multi-flash setups to be controlled effortlessly. This function simplifies the management of complex lighting arrangements, allowing photographers to focus more on the creative aspects of their work.

Godox X2T review

The X2T-S is an excellent option for photography enthusiasts, offering a well-priced solution that delivers professional-grade performance without breaking the bank. With its robust build quality, Bluetooth support, improved user interface, and compatibility with a range of Godox products, the X2T-S is a valuable investment for photographers looking to expand their lighting capabilities.

While the removal of the traditional sync port found on the X1T-S may be considered a drawback by some users, the overall design improvements, added features, and consistent performance of the X2T-S more than makeup for this change.

The Godox X2T-S wireless flash trigger is a highly recommended product. Its exceptional performance, versatility, and value for money make it an excellent choice for photographers looking to enhance their lighting setups and improve their overall shooting experience.