Reviews |Godox Movelink II M2: Affordable, High-Quality Wireless Mic Review

Godox Movelink II M2: Affordable, High-Quality Wireless Mic Review

Godox Movelink II M2

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Our Verdict

The Godox Movelink II M2 is a wireless microphone that will suit entry-level professionals and vloggers. Despite some minor flaws, like a slightly weaker dynamic range compared to its predecessor and some odd goings on with the digital noise reduction system, it excels in its pure simplicity and sound quality (with some caveats about the Noise reduction if switched on).

The convenience of USB Type-C charging, amazing battery life, handy real-time audio monitoring, and affordable price point make the Godox Movelink II M2 a contender in an ever-increasing wireless microphone market. Whether you’re an entry-level professional or a vlogger who needs a dual mic system, the Godox Movelink II M2 is a compelling choice for your audio recording needs.


  • Impressive Sound Quality
  • Reliable Wireless Connection
  • Convenient Charging Solutions


  • Occasionally, Peaks Audio
  • Magnet connector is not great
  • Noise reduction has quirks

What is Godox Movelink II M2?

The Godox Movelink II M2 is a wireless Lavalier microphone system designed to meet the needs of filmmakers, vloggers, and content creators. The set comprises a pair of transmitters and a receiver, so an ideal set-up for interviews or, for that matter, any situation where you need to mic up two people.

The system uses powerful 2.4GHz frequency-hopping technology for clear and uninterrupted audio transmission, a far better solution than the BlueTooth options that seem to be increasingly common. A few of the other notable features include built-in noise reduction, a generous range of 100m as long as there are no obstacles, walls or people in the way, and real-time monitoring through a 3.5mm earphone port.

When it comes to power, there’s a convenient USB Type-C port for charging, impressive battery life, and an intuitive design that further enhances its usability. The Godox Movelink II M2 aims to provide high-quality audio capture in a compact, user-friendly package.

Godox Movelink II M2


  • Transmitter Weight: 32g
  • Receiver Weight: 47g
  • Transmitter Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 16mm
  • Receiver Dimensions: 60 x 59 x 23mm
  • Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
  • Operating Range: up to 100m (without obstacles)
  • Audio Input Interface: 3.5mm TRS
  • Battery Life: 5 hours for the receiver and 10 hours for Transmitter
  • Modes: Mono/Stereo
  • Noise Reduction: Digital Noise Reduction

Build and Handling

The Godox Movelink II M2 sports a compact, lightweight design that is perfect for on-the-go audio recording. The units attach directly to clothing via a sturdy clip, or you can attach the included Lavalier mics. There’s also the option to use button magnets to hold the units through clothing, although the provided magnets don’t have the strength to hold the transmitters securely.

A more common approach is just to clip the mics to clothing. Yet, like other mics of this design, most notably the RODE Wireless Go, which is similarly small, you still need a relatively sturdy lapel to support them when clipped directly, so, for the most part, the lavalier options are the best to go for. Switching between Mono and Stereo modes is effortless thanks to the intuitive controls directly on the receiver. This means that if you have one interviewee who bellows, you can reduce their volume.


The Godox Movelink II M2 has features that aim to provide optimal audio recording quality and ease of use for vloggers and professionals just starting. The 2.4GHz wireless connection and frequency-hopping technology ensure that the units communicate clearly without outside interference, and there is no need for manual channel hopping to find that clear channel.

Godox Movelink II M2

The built-in noise reduction is a notable feature that minimises ambient noise, and again, this feature can be quickly switched on and off with direct-on-device controls. The noise reduction feature should be handy, but it caused a few issues, which I’ll discuss in the performance section.

The receiver and transmitter units offer a decent battery life, a bonus for long shoots. The units also have real-time monitoring via a 3.5mm earphone port, essential for assessing audio quality on the go. Finally, USB Type-C charging provides a convenient way to power up the units.


The build and handling of the Godox Movelink II M2 stack up to form an attractive package for anyone looking for an alternative to the Rode Wireless Go II system. Through the test, the performance of the Godox Movelink II M2 has been generally impressive. Sound quality is an obvious step up from Canon EOS R5 C and Sony A7 III onboard mics, but then that’s to be expected to the point there is no comparison. The audio through these units is clear and crisp with good rich tones as long as you get the mic positioning correct.

Overall audio quality when the receiver is connected to the camera through a 3.5mm cable is good, but as ever, to get the most out of the audio quality, plugging them into a Tascam or similar will elevate that quality.

Testing out with the small onboard mic integrated with the transmitters and then attacking the Lavalier mics, it was nice to hear that there wasn’t much of a change in quality. The small clip mics pack decent quality.

Godox Movelink II M2

The more I used the system, the more I realised that there was a tendency for the levels to peak easily if not carefully set; this is an obvious and easy tweak that can be adjusted in the camera or directly on the units.

However, the one issue I did have was the digital noise reduction that just missed the mark and gave the audio a muted, faded and often digitised tone. Switching off the noise reduction boosted the quality significantly, so something to test in your location before you rely on it.

The set-up and use of the Godox Movelink II M2 are straightforward and intuitive. Its automatic pairing is a handy feature once you power on each of the three units. The link is highlighted on the unit’s small screens, which are very neat and easy to understand, featuring small symbols to highlight pairing, noise reduction and mute mode.

Godox Movelink II M2

The 2.4GHz wireless and frequency-hopping technology works well at maintaining a strong connection, although there were instances where the sound quality deteriorated slightly. The device’s range has performed consistently and delivers clear sound even at long distances.

The battery life of the Godox Movelink II M2 is impressive, easily lasting a full day of shooting. The USB Type-C charging is convenient and enables you to charge up on your Bluetti AC180.

In principle, a feature that looks like a great idea is the magnetic fasteners, essentially a small disc that you put inside your shirt before attaching the transmitter. The issue is the strength of the magnets is just a little too weak, so in use, it’s all too easy to knock the mics off.

Godox Movelink II M2

The slimline case is a nice addition, but this is just a charging case that requires external power in order to charge the units within. There’s no internal battery that helps keep things topped up.

Overall, the Godox Movelink II M2 compares favourably with similar products, offering good audio quality as long as you avoid noise reduction, and it also offers a considerably lower price than competitors like the RODE Wireless Go II mics.

Final thoughts

The Godox Movelink II M2 is a great investment as a reliable and affordable wireless microphone system. It delivers rich audio quality and incorporates a simple solution for micing up interviews or vlogging.

While there’s room for improvement in areas such as the strength of the clothing magnets and the digital noise reduction, the overall performance, combined with an impressive battery life and intuitive user interface, outweighs these minor shortcomings.

The Godox Movelink II M2’s ability to provide high-quality sound in different scenarios and its robust build, convenient size and ability to attach lavalier mics make it a formidable competitor in the wireless microphone market.

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