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Frio Grasp Mini Review

Frio Grasp Mini review

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Our Verdict

Frio has evolved from a simple cold shoe, to part of its own eco-system. The Frio Grasp Mini is the first of the new range that I’ve looked at, and the engineering of the small device is impressive, enabling it to clamp fast to any surface that the small jaws can fit around.

Once in place, there’s plenty of flexibility over the positioning due to the small ball head, so with a flash mounted, it’s easy to get the lighting where it’s needed without the need for bulky stands.

The Frio Grasp Mini is an impressive idea that works well for all sorts of shooting scenarios.


  • Compact
  • Strong grip
  • Enables you to mount and position a flash almost anywhere


  • The clamp can be fiddly

What is the Frio Grasp Mini?

The Frio Grasp Mini is a device of several parts. The Frio Hold, which is the core of the Frio system, is a small plastic cold shoe designed to fit on a tripod or stand so you can easily mount a flash. The Grasp Mini is a new bit to the system that enables the Frio Hold to be attached to almost anything.


The function of the Frio Grasp Mini is simple, clamp to things to enable you to get your flash lighting into areas where it’s needed. For example, used in an interior shoot, the Grasp can be clamped to the underside of a chair to add some backlighting, or you can attach it to an exposed steel beam to create side or backlighting for a portrait shoot.

In use, the small Frio Grasp Mini is relatively easy to attach, although the small clamp pads are a little fiddly at first. After attaching to a few surfaces, you quickly realise that the pads are extremely forgiving and don’t need to be perfectly aligned to create good contact and a strong clamp.

Attached to a steel beam and the Frio Grasp Mini holds tight, enabling a Profoto A1X to be attached. Once in place, the ball head gives you the flexibility to move the flash around to the position needed, with the clamping mechanism locking everything tight and secure when the time comes.

Frio Grasp Mini review

In use, the Grasp works well, and the design proves that the Grasp creates a powerful grip. The small pads do work well despite slight misgivings at the start of the tests, these pads are also non-marking, so there’s no damage or signs that the Grasps has been attached when removed, at least with the surfaces that I attached the Grasp to.

The Frio Grasp Mini is a great idea, and the clamp system works exceptionally well at holding the flash where it needs to be.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest issues with using off-camera flash is getting the flash into the position you need it. That’s fine if you have an assistant, but let’s face it, most of us work solo, so we need something else to hold the light where it needs to be.

The Frio Grasp Mini is a no-fuss device that does the job. It’s easy to use and holds your flash exactly where it needs to be as long as there’s a surface to attach it to.

Frio Grasp Mini review

It’s also easier, quicker and often more convenient than using a lighting stand, so it is well worth considering. The Frio Grasp Mini is a device with a very specific job to do, hold your flash where it needs to be, and it does it well with few if any complaints.


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