Reviews |EBL AA 2800 Rechargeable Batteries and Charger Review

EBL AA 2800 Rechargeable Batteries and Charger Review

EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries in case eight

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While most photographic accessories now rely on internal rechargeable power, there are still plenty that utilize traditional AA-sized batteries as their main power source. The EBL AA rechargeable batteries and charger offer a great solution, with the batteries featuring a high capacity that makes them an ideal choice for high-drain accessories. Along with the batteries comes the USB-powered charger, which has space for up to eight batteries at any one time and is incredibly lightweight and compact.

Each of the EBL NiMH AA batteries is rated at 2800mAh, which makes them ideal for powering flashes and other lighting. Sure enough, that higher capacity throughout the test delivered consistent power, keeping up the speed of the flash recharging even after prolonged use. However, However, the pace of that recharge does drop as the battery capacity depletes.

When it comes to the charger, the compact size and connection to a powered USB mean that recharge times are slightly longer than the larger AC chargers. At around eight hours, that’s still pretty good, but it is an option that you’ll need to leave overnight rather than relying on over a lunch break.

Overall, however, the quality of the batteries and their capacity are spot on for photographers and videographers who need AA batteries. The charger itself is good, and that slower charge rate will ensure the longevity of the batteries as long as you have the time to wait.


  • Standard AA batteries
  • Consistent charging
  • Well priced


  • Slow recharge time

What is the EBL AA Rechargeable Battery and Charger?

The EBL AA 2800 rechargeable battery and charger set is designed for photographers and videographers seeking a reliable, eco-friendly alternative to disposable batteries.

While many accessories now have built-in batteries, many still take traditional AAs. The higher capacity and NiMH chemical structure make them ideal for high-drain accessories such as camera flashes and LED lights. They are equally suited to remote controls and other less high-powered equipment.

The charger’s support for both AA and AAA batteries is a nice touch, offering flexibility for various needs. This set is ideal for professionals and enthusiasts looking for a dependable AA power solution and USB charger on the go.


  • Battery Type: : NiMH AA
  • Capacity: : 2800mAh
  • Voltage: : 1.2V
  • Recharge Cycles:: Up to 1200 times
  • Charging Slots: : 4 independent slots
  • Weight: : Batteries 27g each, Charger 110g
  • Dimensions: : Batteries 50.5 x 14.5mm, Charger 70 x 110 x 30mm

Build and Handling

The EBL AA batteries, as you would hope, feature a solid build with what feels like a durable casing that should last a good few years. Each battery weighs in at 27g, which is around average for this type of battery. In terms of size and dimensions, the battery adheres to all the usual conventions and slips into a range of flashes and accessories without any issues.

The charger is compact and lightweight, with dimensions of 70 x 110 x 30mm, making it easy to carry. The slimline nature means it slips neatly into a side pocket. The charger’s slots allow for flexible charging of AA and AAA batteries simultaneously, with a maximum of eight at any one time. The charger is split into two banks, one on the left and the other on the right. What’s interesting is that this charger will charge a single battery or up to eight batteries at once, which is uncommon as ordinarily, with this type of charger, a bank would need to be filled before charging would begin.

EBL AA 2800 Charger


First and foremost, the EBL AA 2800 rechargeable batteries fit the usual dimensions required for this size of battery: essentially 50mm in height by 14mm in diameter, with a weight of 27g each. What makes these particular batteries suitable for photographic and video use is the high capacity of 2800mAh, which should provide ample power for high-drain devices like camera flashes and LED lights.

These batteries can be recharged up to 1200 times during their life cycle, which in the long term should provide plenty of savings as well as obvious environmental benefits. The charger includes several safety features, such as over-charge protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature control. The individual charging slots allow for charging different numbers and types of batteries simultaneously, which is a handy feature.

EBL AA 2800  Rechargeable Batteries in case


In use, the EBL AA batteries proved to be a decent power source for power-hungry flashguns and LED lights. Through the test, the EBL AA batteries were used in a variety of devices, including a Cactus V6 flash. Used for a shoot with the flash, the batteries provided ample power for numerous bursts without any drop in performance. As the shoot progressed and the battery life started to drop, there was a slight initial drop in the recharge times, but this fall in power came towards the end of the battery life rather than being a longer and slower decline.

For video work, six batteries were used in a Rotolight Neo II at full power. The batteries lasted almost three hours—slightly longer than the Rotolight Lionheart rechargeable batteries—and again, they put in an impressive performance.

Once the batteries had fully discharged, they were popped back into the charger for reboots. Although the recharge time is longer compared to some fast chargers on the market, what strikes you about the charging is that we’re now used to fast and rapid charges where a battery can be backed up to a usable capacity within an hour, often less. Here, that usable charge time is closer to six hours for a full charge. Still, for the most part, through an event using an SB900 on a Nikon D850, the flash went through one battery change during the day, with the flash used on a variety of power settings. To be on the safe side, eight EBL AA 2800 batteries should see you through a day, although 16 batteries for a day’s shoot with eight in reserve just in case.

Final Thoughts

Today, many flashguns and other accessories incorporate batteries into their build. This is extremely convenient for most uses, and the latest lithium-ion batteries far outlast other NiMH batteries both in power and longevity. However, in a professional environment, when you need reliability and a backup plan, using flashes with AA batteries is still often a good idea. A Profoto A1, for example, is an outstanding flash with a bit more power than most, but when that power depletes, you need an additional Profoto-style battery. You need to do more than just pop into a shop or garage and pick up some over-the-counter AA batteries. The cost of the Profoto batteries and flash, while worth it, can be a stretch for many jobbing photographers.

Here, the EBL AA batteries provide a powerful, long-lasting AA battery solution with a capacity that makes them ideal for use in camera accessories, especially flashes. While the recharge time is slow compared with modern-day equivalents, the overall performance and convenience make this set a worthwhile investment.