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BioLite HeadLamp 325 Review


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Our Verdict

A headlamp is something that I’ve thought about getting for years, but for one reason or another just never quite got around to buying one. Then the BioLite HeadLamp 325 landed on my desk, and it has proven to be a game-changer; why?

On early morning or even late evening shoots when the lights low, I always carry around a torch, the same small LED Lenser P7 that I must have had for around a decade. It’s small, powerful, battered, and still working despite everything; the issue is it’s a torch, so you have to hold it with one hand while routing through your bag with the other. A head torch is, for that reason, a better idea, and the BioLite HeadLamp 325 meets the criteria for what I need perfectly.

Why? Firstly it’s compact, lightweight and slips into a backpack side pocket easily and discretely without getting in the way. When I need it, the elasticated strap fits over my head or hat, and with a quick button press and tilt of the lighting head, I can direct the light where I need it. No faff, just quick. I can then find my way to the location in dim light without tripping over, find stuff I haven’t organised correctly in my kit bag and adjust camera settings, filters etc., without second guessing what some of the buttons are.

Essentially the BioLite HeadLamp 325 is extremely useful for all sorts of photography-related things!


  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Powerful illumination
  • USB rechargeable


  • Slightly plastic appearance
  • No focus adjustment
  • Crude tilt mechanism

What is the BioLite HeadLamp 325?

The BioLite HeadLamp 325 is a cutting-edge, ultra-lightweight USB rechargeable headlamp designed for comfort and versatility. Weighing only 50 grams, this headlamp is so comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing it. It is an ideal companion for photographers who need to navigate and work in low-light conditions, such as early mornings or late evenings.

The HeadLamp 325 features a range of useful modes, including white and dim, red and dim, white strobe, and red strobe. The front panel can be easily tilted downward with one hand, allowing you to direct the light where you need it most. With a maximum output of 325 lumens, this headlamp provides ample brightness to illuminate your path or help you find items in your kit bag.

Powered by a rechargeable micro USB battery, the HeadLamp 325 eliminates the need for disposable batteries, making it an eco-friendly option. The moisture-wicking technical fabric ensures a comfortable fit. At the same time, the easy-adjust clips allow the headlamp to fit head sizes from children to adults, even accommodating helmets, caps and hats.

BioLite’s innovative 3D SlimFit technology integrates the headlamp electronics directly into the performance fabric band, resulting in a truly wearable, no-bounce, and no-slip design. The white spot lens provides task lighting or path illumination, while the red flood lens is perfect for preserving night vision, although probably a bit too bright to use in a darkroom.


  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Maximum output: 325 lumens
  • Light modes: White + Dim, Red + Dim, White Strobe, Red Strobe
  • Front panel: Tilts downward with one hand
  • Battery life: 40 hours on low, 3 hours on high
  • Charging: Recharge via micro USB


At first glance, the BioLite HeadLamp 325 might seem slightly cheap due to the lightweight and shiny look of the plastic used for the main lamp unit. However, after a month of use, including numerous night expeditions through the forest and often in the rain, I can confirm that the product’s quality and build are excellent; it just looks a bit cheap! The lightweight and slim design ensures discreet wear, becoming almost unnoticeable when worn over a cap.

Operating the headlamp is simple, thanks to its single-button control approach. Although there’s no focus adjustment, the HeadLamp 325 provides more than enough light to illuminate the path in front of you when trekking to and from a location. The tilt feature, while crude, is effective for directing the light where it’s needed, so ideal if you need to rummage through your bag to find memory cards or batteries in the dark.

Lower brightness modes prove useful for checking camera settings and ensuring the tripod is secure and stable and filters are in place and secured.

Overall, the HeadLamp 325 is easy to use, bright, and offers an impressive battery life – compared to the Lenser P7. The lack of focus option wasn’t really a problem, especially with normal use: getting to a location, going through the camera bag and checking camera settings. I found that reducing the light’s power by pushing and holding the button down is extremely useful, especially when using the light for work at close quarters.

The one thing to be mindful of with this and many head torches in the dark is that it is bright, and looking at someone will cause them sight issues. Also, I’m not too fond of the flashing option as if used this will scare wildlife and cause some people significant migraines and temporary sight issues. I believe strobe lights shouldn’t be allowed after seeing the damage and death they can cause to horses and wildlife from bikers in the New Forest. However, you can choose not to use the strobe feature.

Overall, however, the BioLite is a great accessory that can be used for photography but also for many other uses. For the use I had for it, which was predominantly getting to and from locations, the spread and power of the light was perfect. I would highly recommend this small light; just avoid the strobe feature.

Final Thoughts

The BioLite HeadLamp 325 has quickly become an essential tool in my photography kit, especially during early morning or late evening shoots when light levels are low. It’s an incredibly compact, lightweight, and powerful headlamp that’s perfect for photographers who need a reliable light source on the go.

Weighing in at just 50 grams, the HeadLamp 325 adds virtually no weight to your kit bag, making it a hassle-free addition to your gear. Despite its small size, it packs a punch with an impressive 325 lumens of output, ensuring you can easily find what you need in your bag, even in dimly lit conditions.

The headlamp’s lightweight and slim design makes it comfortable to wear, even over a cap, and it’s hardly noticeable once it’s on. Operating the HeadLamp 325 is a breeze with its single-button control, and while there’s no focus adjustment, it provides more than enough light to illuminate your path while trekking to your shooting location.

One of the best features of this headlamp is its versatility. The tilt function, though basic, allows you to direct the light where it’s needed most. Whether you’re rummaging through your bag for batteries and memory cards, checking camera settings, or ensuring your tripod is secure.

Overall, the BioLite HeadLamp 325 is a fantastic accessory for any photographer, offering convenience, brightness, and exceptional battery life. Its compact design and minimal weight make it an easy addition to your kit, and its powerful light output ensures that you’re never left in the dark during those crucial low-light shoots.

While it may have a slightly cheap appearance due to the plastic construction, its performance and durability are anything but. It’s taken me a while to take up the head torch, but now I’ve switched, there’s no going back; I highly recommend the BioLite HeadLamp 325.