News |Reuters: Zeiss could be buying 45% stake in Leica

Reuters: Zeiss could be buying 45% stake in Leica

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Neary half of the Leica Camera business is up for sale and Zeiss could be in line to buy it up, according to Reuters.

The news agency published a report today stating that the Blackstone investment group is in talks with potential buyers to sell its 45% stake in the high-end camera brand.

The Kaufmann family owns the other 55% of Leica Camera business, and Andreas Kaufmann, chairman of the company, reaffirmed to Reuters that his family is committed to staying with Leica Camera for the long term

The Kaufmanns brought Blackstone in as a co-investor back in 2011.

Reuters states that no bids have been received as of yet, but that Blackstone has spoken with some potential buyers.

Reuters also claims that Zeiss might only be interested in a deal if it can acquire a majority share in the business.

Leica Camera is valued at €700m and is expected to post earnings of about €70m this year, Reuters says.

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