News |PowerDolphin water drone announced

PowerDolphin water drone announced

Want to capture the underwater scenes, watersports or wildlife from a fish-eye perspective? Then check out the PowerDolphin underwater drone.


PowerVision, experts in UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicles) has announced the PowerDolphin.

As you may have guessed, this drone is designed for use in the water and will enable you to capture images and video that would otherwise be impossible.

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Lighting underwater is considerably less than that above the surface so to ensure that you get the best possible footage and images, the PowerDolphin comes equipped with front lights with four levels of brightness adjustment.

Intelligent fishing option

At launch, there will be three models of the PowerDolphin, the PowerDolphin Wizard, Explorer and Standard.

The Wizard features additional features that are specially designed for anglers and fishers. The PowerSeeker feature is designed to intelligently find fish and also incorporates a bait box. $999

The other two models are for more general use and feature the drone without the fishing additions. Explorer package($899) adds a specially designed remote control while the Standard ($799) features a mobile device joystick.

Intelligent drone fishing

The PowerDolphin Wizard has the addition of PowerSeeker. This feature is designed to help find the best fishing spots using advanced locating technology that can detect fish within a 131ft (40m) range.

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The drone can be fitted with tow hooks to lure fish by dropping bait at the desired location, up to 1000m away from the operator. Using the camera fishers can see the activity under the surface, bringing a new angle to the activity.

Underwater drone for search and rescue

Speed and agility in search and rescue situations is imperative, and with three different speed gears, the PowerDolphin can swim at up to 5m a second.

The powerful motors can take a load enabling the drone to deliver much-needed lifebuoys, lifejackets, tow lines and other rescue equipment quickly.

Underwater drone for scientific research

As aerial drones struggle to break the 30 minute flight time barrier, the PowerDolphin’s high capacity batteries supply up to two hours of power. This makes it an ideal solution for scientific research above and below the surface.

Intelligent sonar and GPS with a waypoint cruise function enable you to set the drone to monitor areas, capturing information to aid with scientific investigations.

Scanners built into the drone can create topographic maps by mounting the additional smart fish finder and using the Vision+ App.

Further PowerDolphin features include:

  • Water touch switch
  • Mobile phone control
  • Return home function
  • Battery replacement
  • SD card replacement

The PowerDolphin is available now from Harrods as well as and Amazon UK with prices starting from £695.

PowerDolphin water done announced
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PowerDolphin water done announced
Want to capture the underwater scenes, watersports or wildlife from a fish-eye perspective? Then check out the PowerDolphin underwater drone.
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