News |PortraitPro 24 debuts with new generative AI featuress

PortraitPro 24 debuts with new generative AI features

PortraitPro 24 debuts with generative AI

Anthropics Technology has launched PortraitPro 24, the latest iteration of its AI-driven portrait retouching software which integrates new generative AI modules for enhancing specific aspects of your portraits.

Designed to cater to both amateur and professional photographers, PortraitPro 24 introduces several new features aimed at simplifying and refining the portrait editing process. Among these are a Mouth Inpainting & Teeth Replacer tool, which allows for detailed adjustments to mouth textures and teeth appearance, and the Glasses Reflection Remover, designed to eliminate distracting reflections from eyewear in portraits.

What’s more, the new version of the software offers a Face Recovery feature, enabling users to enhance the clarity of faces in their images, and introduces advanced skin and hair masks, which can be saved directly into TIFF files for seamless integration with Photoshop workflows.

PortraitPro 24 promises an enhanced user experience with its improved workflow capabilities, including more straightforward navigation between faces in group photographs, enhanced preset sharing and searching, and an array of image saving options. For users of the Studio Max edition, there’s the added benefit of applying multiple presets to images, enhancing workflow efficiency.

The software also includes new detection tools that accurately determine the subject’s gender and age, aiding in the customization of edits. Additionally, for users who manage large volumes of images, the Studio Max edition offers an Advanced Batch Mode Control, optimizing processing speed based on the user’s system specifications.

PortraitPro 24 is available in three editions: Standard, Studio, and Studio Max, each catering to different user needs, from basic photo editing to advanced batch processing capabilities. These editions are tailored to accommodate various file types and offer varying levels of control and flexibility to the user.

Anthropics offers a free trial version available for download, providing an opportunity to test the software’s features before purchase. The full versions are accessible through the Anthropics website.

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