News |PolarPro introduces the Helios Cinematic Lighting Effects

PolarPro introduces the Helios Cinematic Lighting Effects


PolarPro is one of the foremost drone accessory manufacturers, with a strong product line that has been helping pilots and videographers produce professional results from its drone cameras.

Now adding to the range of specialist tools available Polar Pro are launching their latest software tool that will help video editors add stylistic lighting effects during post production.

The Helios Cinematic Lighting Effects packs includes 32 drag-and-drop light leaks, lens flares and light transitions.

Adding effects to your captured video can dramatically change the style of your footage and add drama and environment that might otherwise be missing.

If you’re new to video effects or just want to give the effects a go to check out if they fit in with your style of video editing then Polar Pro offer a free 1080p version that’s free for download.

Then if you like the effects then you can purchase the 4K or 2.5K versions for optimal quality directly from the PolarPro website for just $29.99.

This package of 32 effects will join the Aurora Cinematic Color Preset which were released earlier in the year.

Both software packs are fully compatible with popular video editing tools such as Premiere 9.0 or later, After Effects CC or later, Apple Final Cut Pro 7 or Later and Avid Media Composer.

To ensure that the effects work as seamlessly as possible with your drone each effect has been optimized to work with specific lenses including those from the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4/Advanced, other profiles will be follow.

The following video demos the Helios Cinematic Lighting Effects in full effect

For more details check out the PolorPro website


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