News |Polaroid returns with new moving photo app, Swing

Polaroid returns with new moving photo app, Swing


Polaroid has announced a new photo app called Polaroid Swing that enables camera phone photographers to make moving photos.

Partnering with a tech startup fronted by Twitter co-found Biz Stone, the Polaroid Swing app allows photographers to use their phones to, as it describes, capture moments as they see them.

Crashing waves, hair blowing in the wind, the blink of an eye. Polaroid Swing’s moving photos capture one-second moments like these that play when you ‘swing’ your phone or touch them.

The new Polaroid app is currently available for free on the Apple App Store for iPhone, and an Android version is planned for launch soon, according to the company.

Polaroid says it has assembled world-class engineering and design talent to produce the Swing app, bringing in former Apple engineers and experts from MIT, as well as photographer Cole Rise, who designed Instagram’s original filters and logo and oversees creative direction for the Polaroid Swing app.


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