News |PNY Launch video grade X-Pro 90 SD Card range

PNY Launch video grade X-Pro 90 SD Card range


Today PNY has announced the launch of the X-Pro 90 line of UHS-II SD cards. This new range has been designed to meet the performance needs of today’s photographers and videographers, with the storage solutions needed for the latest cameras. 

PNY’s new range of full-sized SD cards all meets the V90 video speed specification. This means that the SD Cards are perfectly suited for cameras shooting high-resolution video and stills. The V90 class means that the cards will provide a minimum write speed of 90MB/s and, under normal conditions, far greater transfer speeds, more than enough for the high demands of the latest DSLR and Mirrorless cameras shoot 4 and 8K video.

The new PNY cards are UHS-II; this can be seen physically on the back of the card with two lines of contacts. These contacts provide high-speed data transfer. The contacts can be used in two ways: when used in half-duplex mode (This mode is activated automatically), both rows of contacts are utilised for one way transfer of data. Hence, it’s possible to achieve speeds of up to 300MB/s read and 280MB/s write, surpassing UHS-I.

UHS-II can also utilise those two rows of contacts in Full-Duplex mode (Again activated automatically). In this mode, data transfers at half the rate of half-duplex but will transfer in both directions. So data can be written to the card at the same time as being read. This feature helps to increase workflow as you can work on two tasks at the same time. 

Product Line Specifications:

· Capacities: 64GB-256GB2

· Format: SDXC

· Bus Interface: UHS-II

· Speed Class: Class 10, U3

· Video Speed Class: V90

· Read Performance: Up to 300MB/s3

· Write Performance: Up to 280MB/s3

· Compatibility: DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, advanced & professional HD-enabled video cameras, and more4

Product Availability

PNY X-PRO 90 Class 10 U3 V90 SD UHS-II Flash Memory Cards will be available at

For further information:


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