News |Phottix Taimi proves there’s still a need for timer remotes

Phottix Taimi proves there’s still a need for timer remotes

Phottix Taimi

Wired remotes were once a common staple of most photographers kit bags, and rightly so. Although simple, a wired remote enables you to fire the shutter release without disturbing the camera with the effect of avoiding any camera shake. Now the Phottix Taimi has arrived (Pronounced Tie-me) with the aim of introducing the next generation of photographer (Who are all too often app enabled) to the advantages of shooting tethered.

The Phottix Taimi takes over from the popular TR-90 which over the years has gained a loyal following. As with the TR-90 digital remote the Taimi follows on with a similar feature set along with a few new additions including; self timers, interval timers, long exposure timers and even an exposure count setting feature (We’ll bring you more on this once we have a review unit). The new unit is also completely redesigned in button layout and style.

Phottix Taimi

The new design lends itself to single handed use with joystick control over the settings and a large central shutter button in easy reach of your thumb, shown in the image above.

All settings and options can be accessed directly through these buttons with the small display showing you what mode, options and timings you have selected. In a world of wireless the simple and direct ease of use of the Taimi will appeal to many.

You may wonder if there is really a need for a wired remote when many cameras now feature wireless control through a mobile app. However in use the speed of connection for many of these apps is still far from instantaneous, and this is really apparent when you start to use wired and proves there is still very much a need for this type of device.

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One feature that will really appeal to photographers and educators using multi-platforms from Nikon, Canon and Sony is that the new Phottix Taimi arrives with a variety of interchangeable cables that will fit the following makes and connectors.

The Phottix Taimi will ship with cables for connector types: Nikon N8, Nikon N10, Canon C6, Canon C8 and Sony S8.

There are loads of uses for wired remotes and they really are great to use for all sorts of photographic genres. The Phottix Taimi is feature packed and at around £70 in the UK it’s a decent price. For more information check out the Phottix Taimi at and we’ll bring you a full review soon.





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