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HOW TO... Photoshop adds support for Touch Bar on new MacBook Pro

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Adobe has announced it has added support in Photoshop for the new Touch Bar functionality launched in the latest MacBook Pro.

When Apple revealed the new MacBook Pro several weeks ago, one of its signature features is a new interface that replaces the traditional row of function keys with a Retina-quality Multi-Touch display called the Touch Bar.

Adobe says it has since then been working to build custom support for the Touch Bar in its software, which it has now updated to Photoshop.

Adobe says the Touch Bar is useful both for beginners who might not know how to navigate Photoshop, and for experienced photo editors who want to speed up their workflow by accessing controls in a new way, particularly controls that are sometimes awkward to achieve with a keyboard and mouse.

Adobe says it addressed its Touch Bar support for Photoshop by focusing on three categories of functions it thought would be most useful to photographers: Layer Properties, Brushes, and customisable Favorites.

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Inside the Layer Properties section you can now access common actions like place a Smart Object, clip Layers, and open Select & Mask.

The Brushes section offers quicker access to brush colour, size, hardness, opacity and flow. Each of these tools can be adjusted via a movable slider.

The Favorites section now allows you to configure your own set of favourite actions. This includes any combination of actions from the previous sections, or other commands like Full screen mode, Flip Horizontal/Vertical, and launching the macOS share menu.


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