News |Panasonic Introduces New LUMIX S 26mm F8 Series Pancake Lenss

Panasonic Introduces New LUMIX S 26mm F8 Series Pancake Lens

Compact, lightweight lens for casual and creative shooting

LUMIX S 26mm F8

Panasonic has announced the release of the LUMIX S 26mm F8 (S-R26), a remarkably compact and lightweight full-frame lens designed for the LUMIX S Series. This pancake lens boasts a slim profile, enhancing portability without sacrificing high resolution and image quality. With a fixed focal length of 26mm and an F-stop of F8, the lens is tailored for casual and creative photography.

The manual focus feature of the LUMIX S 26mm F8 allows photographers to fully control their shooting style, capturing unique and spontaneous moments with ease. Its compact design, measuring approximately 18.1mm in length and weighing only 58g, ensures that it fits conveniently into a pocket, ready for use at a moment’s notice.

Perfect for everyday use, this lens provides a wide-angle view at 26mm, setting it apart from other wide-angle lenses in the LUMIX S Series. Despite its small size, the lens delivers outstanding image quality, making it a versatile addition for photographers seeking a portable and reliable lens for on-the-go shooting.

The LUMIX S 26mm F8 will be available at the end of June 2024, with a recommended retail price of £219.99/€239.99. For more information, visit Panasonic LUMIX S 26mm F8.

Price: £219.99 / $267.00

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