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Osmo Pocket VS GoPro Hero7 Black HyperSmooth Review

Osmo Pocket VS GoPro Hero7 Black HyperSmooth

It’s an obvious Verses; Osmo Pocket Vs GoPro Hero7 Black, but is it a fair one? Not really, why, well let’s take a look.

The reason the comparison is drawn between the two is for one feature, the stabilisation.

They both offer stabilisation, of a type unseen in cameras of this size before, it’s truly mindblowing. The Osmo Pocket offers full 3-axis mechanical stabilisation while the GoPro Hero7 Black does it all digitally.

The end results from both cameras is excellent, there’s a sample below, so it’s easy to see why the two are being pitted head-to-head.

But, what are you really looking for when it comes to a personal camera?

You could use your mobile phone, but then that eats battery and storage, and the fact that both the Pocket and Hero7 Black feature stabilisation ensures they both produce far higher quality footage than your mobile.

Looking at the easy choice, if you’re into extreme sports, need it waterproof, shockproof or are just prone to breaking things then go GoPro.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a camera when with family or friends, think using it in the same way as a traditional camcorder, then go Osmo Pocket.

The decision is clearly defined for those two user groups, but then things start to get tricky. What if you’re a normal person living in the ultra-connected image and video-driven world of today, which should you go for?

Here is were ergonomic design makes things easier, the Osmo Pocket is small compact and without any additions is ready to use. Switch it on and film. But then the GoPro is much the same just tuffer, lets break it down.

Osmo Pocket Vs GoPro Hero7 Black resolution and framerate

The decision between the two cameras comes down to what you’re going to use the camera for. Here we could look at resolutions and framerates but in this instance, that’s pretty much pointless.

GoPro may have the edge at 1080p at 240fps but really 120fps is just fine and both kick out 4K at 60fps.

Video quality from both is good, but the Osmo Pocket offers a super fine mode which enables you to capture 1080p footage at 100MB/s. That’s high quality, but as the Osmo warning states when this mode is selected, it does cause the small device to heat up.

Nevertheless, when it comes to video quality both are ace and each has their advantages. However, when it comes to outright quality I have to say it’s a draw.


Osmo Pocket Vs GoPro Hero7 Black audio

If you have concerns about the built-in Mic of the Osmo Pocket then don’t worry it’s exceptionally good, you can check out the audio quality in the review video.

Through the app, there’s also a good amount of adjustment so in windy situations you can switch off the noise reduction to improve audio quality.

However, in most conditions for picking up ambient or direct vocals, it’s very good.

Switch over to the GoPro and the audio is a little more of an issue. GoPro has made leaps with the quality and out of the cage, the audio is very good with the mics automatically swapping to ensure that the camera picks up the audio in the right way for the situation.

After testing out both side-by-side it has to be said that they’re both pretty close, very little in it and I would class this as a draw as well.


But wait, the GoPro Hero7 Black has a cheat that it can use in this battle. The USB-C Mic adapter, once plugged in the GoPro can utilise external mics such as the Rode Video Micro.

Although there is a USB-C port on the Osmo Pocket, in testing I found that at present at least the Pocket wouldn’t accept an external Mic.


Osmo Pocket Vs GoPro Hero7 Black Social intergration

If you’re not on social media then who are you? Every product these days needs to pack in the social media features and these two have quite a few.

On both cameras, you can save and upload your images and video to your chosen network, but to be honest, this is all a bit old hat.

The next stage of social is live streaming, why keep your followers waiting when you can show them stuffing a doughnut down your face in realtime..

Here the Osmo Pocket should have an easy win, when the Pocket arrived I instantly thought, Ahh here’s a nifty social media savvy streaming thing. Except it doesn’t, as yet. So…


At present this is all looking a little one-sided, the GoPro is a finely tuned piece of kit but for both the GoPro and the Osmo Pocket the big feature is the image stabilisation.

Osmo Pocket Vs GoPro Hero7 Black Stabalisation

This took some thought and testing at length but here goes.

The Osmo clearly wins as the best choice when the device is handheld.

The GoPro wins when the camera is attached to something.

During testing, I have to say it was obvious through design that the Osmo was the much better device when it came to use as a handheld camera.

The GoPro Hero7 Black could do it, and as we’ve seen the stabilisation is staggering, but the pure usability of the Osmo doesn’t just put it slightly ahead, the Osmo Pocket is streets ahead mainly the face tracking, it just works exceptionally well.

It has features that are specially designed for this type of use, so side-by-side the stabilisation of both cameras is exceptionally good and there really is little in it.

However, capturing that footage and you very quickly realise that the Osmo is the camera for the job.

Connect in the mobile phone and it’s suddenly its a very competent rig with plenty of features and ability. Even without a mobile attached you can still add the jog wheel which enables you to move and rotate the head. Something that just isn’t possible with the GoPro, even with the Karma Grip attached.


Osmo Pocket Vs GoPro Hero7 Black additional vlogging features

The small special effects sequences offered by the Osmo Pocket are fun and can quickly enable you to create engaging clips, but with a limited choice at present they can quickly become a little repetitive.

However, there will be the ability to add more.

Likewise, the GoPro Hero7 Black has QuickStories, I like the app a lot and there are always additional packs and features to include.

On this vein, both devices have good and comprehensive apps which really do seem to be driven by the user base.


Osmo Pocket Vs GoPro Hero7 Black winner

It’s a tough battle and at the end, I’d say that on the surface the GoPro Hero7 Black is the better camera, but then this test is about the everyday use and usability.

For the vast majority of users, the Osmo Pocket is the obvious choice. It has great video quality, decent audio, plenty of features and is an ideal tool for anyone wanting to document their surroundings and life.

The Osmo Pocket fills the camcorder void by offering a great easy to use all in one solution.

However, there’s the might of GoPro and its features do crossover with the Osmo Pocket, but in reality it is a very different proposition.

It has features that the Osmo Pocket should have but doesn’t, such as live streaming and external audio in, but really it’s still the champion of the action camera world. The Osmo Pocket should be the champion of the everything else and with two slight tweaks, it will be.

But for now, if you need the very best action camera then go for the GoPro if you want to capture family and friends the go Osmo Pocket.

If you want to live stream than either wait until the Osmo Pocket catches up and adds the feature, go back to using your mobile phone or go buy the GoPro Hero7 Black.




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