OnePlus 5T revamps cameras for low-light performance

OnePlus 5T revamps cameras for low-light performance

OnePlus has announced its latest smartphone, unveiling the OnePlus 5T which boasts revamped dual cameras and an enhanced display.

With a 6-inch OLED display, the OnePlus 5T stands taller than its predecessor – and many other smartphones – offering an 18:9 aspect ratio.

After the display, the biggest difference for photographers over the OnePlus 5 is the OnePlus 5T’s camera(s).

The OnePlus 5T’s image sensor remains the same as its predecessor, but the company has upgraded its lenses with fast f/1.7 apertures that promise better low-light performance.

The OnePlus 5 features an f/2.6 lens on its rear camera.

Resolution remains the same at 16-megapixels and 20-megapixels, respectively, on its front and rear cameras.

Video-wise, the OnePlus 5T can record 4K footage at 30fps. The OnePlus 5T als retains the 5’s portrait mode.

OnePlus says it has also improved the cameras’ image stabilisation.

The OnePlus 5T price tag is £449 / $449 and is due for release this month.

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