News |OM-1 Mark II price, specifications and release date announceds

OM-1 Mark II price, specifications and release date announced

A breakthrough in advanced AI with the new OM-1, offering speed, intelligence, and ruggedness.


The launch of OM-1 Mark II marks a significant milestone for OM systems with the launch of the latest camera adding features and technology that not only boost existing features but could also mark an end to ND and ND grads. The new camera combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, which all comes together to offer something new and refreshing in the photography market. Key to the new camera appeal is the advanced AI Subject Detection AF, ensuring precise focus and unparalleled image clarity in even the most dynamic scenarios.

Speed is another cornerstone of the OM-1 Mark II. Its capability for high-speed sequential shooting, supported by a large buffer size, means that you’ll never miss a critical moment. The camera’s computational photography features, including LiveGND and High Res Shot, further set it apart, allowing for creative flexibility without the need for external accessories. These features build on the companies long association with cutting edge and innovative features.

Compactness and ruggedness are why these MFT cameras have become so popular and once again this is the case with the OM-1 Mark II. The camera has been designed for the adventurous photographer, with an improved body feel and significant battery life, all while offering an impressive 8.5 stops of stabilisation. Moreover, its IP53-certified weather sealing ensures reliability across diverse environmental conditions, from dusty deserts to rainy forests, or typical British weather.

The OM-1 Mark II looks to be a significant enhancement over the Mark I and will be an ideal choice for outdoor adventure or anyone who needs a small, fast, intelligent and robust camera with an exciting feature set.

Discover more about the OM-1 Mark II at OM SYSTEM.

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