Reviews |Olfi one.five Black review: Hands on

Olfi one.five Black review: Hands on

olfi one.five Black review

The latest release of the Olfi one.five has arrived with suped up specifications packed into the now familiar design.

Olfi is one of the few manufacturers that like to do things differently. It’s a seemingly small thing, but from the outset, and before you’ve even stripped of the packaging you know that Olfi is serious about their action cameras.

There’s no large plastic display case, instead, the camera arrives in a semi-hard case, of the like that you’d end up buying anyway to keep your action camera safe.

Inside the case are a few key mounts, camera, waterproof housing and cables. All very neat an tidy. The camera isn’t a GoPro clone of the old style, instead, it sits upright with a large LCD and speaker on the back.

The overall build and quality is excellent, everything feels solid and built to last.

Specifications for the Olfi one.five Black are pretty average, at least on the surface, with 4K (interpolated) at 24fps and 720p at 120fps.

These specifications may seem behind the times when it comes to the likes of the latest GoPro, but here Olfi has gone for quality over pushing the boundaries of specifications like so many other manufacturers.

After a quick charge, the Olfi is ready to go. Placed into the waterproof housing the case can then be attached to any standard GoPro style mount.

Initial use is easy enough with a direct start/stop record on top and overall easy navigation. One feature that instantly appeals if the illuminated front logo, for no reason other than it looks great.

Selecting 4K as the top frame rate to record and all seems good. Although the footage is interpolated up it is still exceptionally good quality. Dropping down to 1080p at 60fps and the footage captured gives you a good option for smooth action footage.

Slow motion at 120fps is usable but there is quite a drop in quality, as with the majority of the competition, however, if there’s plenty of light available the results are spectacular.

I’ve yet to check out the Olfi app but will update as I run through the features and full review.

For now the Olfi one.five Black instantly feels like a significant upgrade to the old one.five. Many of the features I loved about the old camera such as the design and ease of use remains.

It’s the overall quality of the camera however that wins out. Build quality is superb, this is a camera designed to withstand the big knocks, being left on your bike out in the rain, and generally abused through the British winter.

Already the Black is proving to be an exceptional action camera and some of the new features such as the improved dashcam mode and power case all add to the uses of this small camera.

I’ll bring you the full review soon, for now, if you have any questions or comments then please leave them in the box below.

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