News |Okko Pro NZ Unveils Versatile Range of Premium Lens Filterss

Okko Pro NZ Unveils Versatile Range of Premium Lens Filters

Okko Pro NZ's New Lens Filters Combining Quality, Affordability, and Durability

OKKO Filters

Okko Pro NZ is a New Zealand-based company, that has launched a comprehensive range of lens filters, designed to cater to the needs of photographers seeking quality and durability without breaking the bank. The lineup includes both Okko Pro and Okko Lite filters giving options for professionals and enthusiasts.

Okko Pro filters are designed with durability at the heart and are made from German Schott glass and Japanese AGC optical glass and treated with nano-coatings. This series is tailored for challenging environments and promises reliability with a lifetime guarantee that offers a replacement for any broken filter.

For enthusiasts or those on a budget, Okko Lite filters provide all-weather protection. These filters maintain the brand’s commitment to quality while using more affordable materials, accompanied by a 12-month warranty.

Finding a niche for their newly launched product Okko’s has pitched these filters as some of the most versatile on the market. The filters fit all camera lens sizes with a wide choice of diameters. From capturing landscapes to urban photography, these filters are designed to enhance your photographic creativity, ensuring clarity, colour accuracy, and protection against environmental elements.

The product range includes various types of filters:

  • Circular Polarizer Filters
  • UV Protector Filters
  • Magnetic Adaptor Rings
  • Magnetic Lens Caps
  • Neutral Density Filters
  • Variable Neutral Density Filters

Each product in the lineup is designed to provide specific benefits, such as reducing glare, protecting the lens, or enabling better control over exposure and depth of field.

Okko’s approach to design emphasizes simplicity, strength, and longevity, aiming to offer photographers a lens filter for life. The brand’s ethos is rooted in supporting the creative journey of photographers, encouraging them to capture life’s adventures with the best tools.

Okko Pro NZ pitches itself as a community-centric brand that connects with photographers globally. They invite creatives to join their community, share experiences, and showcase their work using Okko filters.

List of Products:

  • Okko Pro Circular Polarizer Filter
  • Okko Lite UV Protector
  • Okko Pro Magnetic Adaptor Ring
  • …[and more]

For detailed information and to explore the full range, visit Okko Pro NZ’s website.

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