News |OBSBOT Unveils the Tiny 2 Lites

OBSBOT Unveils the Tiny 2 Lite

Revolutionary ai smart webcam with 4k video capabilities


Following on from the groundbreaking Tiny series, OBSBOT has just announced the Tiny 2 Lite. This new AI powered PTZ webcamera boosts the quality with 4K imaging, Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom, dual-omnidirectional microphones, Gesture Control 2.0, multiple shooting modes, and a suite of other features including beauty mode and privacy protections making it an ideal solution for streaming online training or behind that scenes footage from your latest photo shoot.

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite has been upgraded to feature a large 1/2” CMOS sensor to enable clear 4K video that captures every detail even when the lighting conditions are low. The visual capture is paired with dual-omnidirectional microphones so if you’re presenting to camera viewers will pick up the audio loud an clear if you’re not already using a dedicated audio system. This audio capture features adjustable noise cancellation and human voice augmentation technology all to help ensure that the Tiny 2 Lite captures crystal-clear sound in any environment from in the quiet environment of the studio to out in the field.

The small camera comes equipped with enhanced Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom, the Tiny 2 Lite’s 2-axis gimbal and Deep Learning Neural Network Algorithm guarantee fluid, precise tracking that keeps subjects in focus effortlessly. This latest version features an updated and refined algorithm that now supports hand tracking and bodypart tracking functions so if you’re using several cameras at once you can have one focused on the camera in your hand while another focuses on your presenting.

Another bog part of the updated camera and system is the gesture Control 2.0 that enables you to control the camera and enables zooming and focusing with simple hand gestures. Advanced PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) technology ensures swift and precise focusing, capturing moments effortlessly. Designed for versatility, the Tiny 2 Lite offers multiple shooting modes—including landscape, portrait, and even upside-down—accommodating a range of filming scenarios. Its compact, space-saving design incorporates an integrated stand for easy setup and stability including simply hooking over your monitor!

In addition to its imaging capabilities, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite comes equipped with a Beauty Mode that instantly smooths skin and brightens eyes. Privacy protection features, including Device Auto Sleep and customizable background uploads, safeguarding privacy during use.

Furthermore, the Tiny 2 Lite supports the OSC protocol, Stream Deck, and SDK, providing enhanced control and increased flexibility for users in broadcast, education, medical industries, and beyond. Notably, a custom plugin makes Tiny 2 Lite compatible with Stream Deck+, allowing direct control through dials and seamless integration with other live streaming setups.

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite will be available globally in June 2024 on and major retailers worldwide. Pricing starts at $179 USD in the US, with regional variations. Visit the official website for more information on availability in your region.

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