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NUT-R action camera mount review


NUT-R Snap Verdict

  • Bike axle mount
  • Accepts all GoPro-mount-compatible cameras
  • Fits all standard road bikes

Type: Action camera Mount

The Nut-R is an action camera mount that’s fully compatible with any camera that features a GoPro-style mount. It enables a unique perspective replacing a standard skewer nut and giving you a direct low angled dynamic view from the wheel side.


  • Unique perspective
  • Fits any Action camera with a GoPro style mount
  • Easy to fit


  • Not suitable for MTB
  • No quick release for camera
  • Only available in silver

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Nut-R Introduction

Action cameras have created the need for a multitude of different mounts  enabling you to attach these small cameras almost anywhere.

The design of these cameras has really inspired innovation, enabling users to capture a unique perspective of footage that would otherwise have never been possible.


The NUT-R has been specially designed to mount in place of a standard quick release nut, and enables you to capture footage from a point of view that is directly next to the wheel.

NUT-R Specifications and Features

Design-wise there is really very little to it. The nut attaches directly to a push bike wheel skewer and features an extended structure that enables an action camera to be mounted on the end.

The NUT-R is designed to fit either the front or rear wheel and fitting to the bike and attaching an action camera such as a GoPro takes just a matter of minutes. In fact, really just as long as it normally takes you to release your quick release and replace the standard nut with the NUT-R.


Once done the GoPro or other action camera can then be bolted on to the end of the NUT-R and you’re done. All set-up the NUT-R has a 10cm reach from the side of the fork.

What Do You Require In An Action Camera?

NUT-R Build and Handling

The NUT-R is made from solid aluminium and machined to shape. One end features the thread that bolts to the wheel skewer and the other a smaller bolt and 3D Printed shim designed to bolt on the action camera.

There are no fancy details or twiddles, this is a purely functional camera mount that is designed do a job rather than as an aesthetic adornment for your bike.

To attach the NUT-R you quite literally remove the standard Skewer nut and replace with the NUT-R.

Attaching the GoPro is equally easy, just use the single bolt and shim through the end of the NUT-R to fix in place. When it comes to adjusting the tilt of the action camera this can manoeuvered by hand and then tightened to hold in place.


When it came to operating the camera I found in the test I tended to use the phone App for whichever action camera I was using to ensure that I had the correct composition. An app also enables easy operation of the action camera without having to bend down to the wheel to start and stop recording.

NUT-R Performance

Footage captured using the NUT-R is impressive. The unique perspective is refreshing and any worries about small vibrations picked up from the road are quickly dispelled when you look over the quality of video captured.

There is some obvious vibration but not to the detriment of the video.

Because the NUT-R is just one piece solid metal there is no flexibility so small vibrations that are created by some other bike mounts aren’t an issue here.

In use, fitting your action camera to the NUT-R only takes a few seconds using an allen key and then an equal amount of time to remove.

I found that during the test when I stopped for a break and had to leave the bike, rather than unbolting the full action camera and housing, it was far easier just to pop the camera out and stick it in my pocket leaving the housing attached to the bike.


The design of the NUT-R makes it incredibly quick and easy to take off and replace whenever needed, and if there is some reason it has to be removed during a ride then it really is no less hassle than removing your wheel.

The Nut-R is designed for use on road bikes as one brush with foliage on a mountain bike could result in a fall causing damage to the bike and you.

However you have to give these things a go, and again the footage captured was excellent, with the low angle of view giving an impression of the pace of the ride.

WASP 4K Action Camera – in use

The Nut-R itself also doesn’t stick out any further from the bike than your pedals so really the likelihood for damage is relatively low, unless you fall off.

NUT-R Verdict

The Nut-R is unique when it comes to GoPro-style mounts, enabling a perspective that no other mount enables you to capture when you’re on your bike.

As a product it’s extremely simple; it really is just an extended bolt, but it’s a bolt with a tonne of potential.

If you have other bike mounts on your handlebar, seatpost, or under the down tube then the Nut-R really is an essential addition.



Should I buy the NUT-R?

Getting different viewpoints is handy when editing together your action camera footage, as this enables you to get interesting angles that add visual interest to your movie. The NUT-R helps you to capture a unique perspective and is well worth its £40 price tag for any keen road cyclist.

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