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Nikon Black Friday Deals 2016: best offers on top camerasEstablished in Japan in 1917, Nikon is another big player in the photographic market with a strong heritage in photographic journalism. In more recent times it has seen its market position eaten into by mirrorless camera brands, especially Sony but it remains one of the ‘big two/three’.

In addition to its range of DSLRs, with models suited for beginners, enthusiasts and seasoned professionals, Nikon offers a collection of compact cameras and its new KeyMission series of action cameras.

In September 2011 Nikon introduced the first of its Nikon 1 range of mirrorless system cameras featuring 1-inch type sensors. The most recent model, the Nikon 1 J5, was announced in April 2015.

According to recent statements from Nikon CEO Kazuo Ushida, Nikon is working on a professional mirrorless camera system to rival its competitors.