News |Nikon Z 8 Firmware 2.00 releaseds

Nikon Z 8 Firmware 2.00 released

Latest firmware boosts Nikon Z 8 with advanced features for bird photography and more.

Nikon Z8 front/side

Nikon has officially released firmware version 2.00 for its full-frame, FX-format mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z 8. This marks the camera’s first significant update since its launch, incorporating advanced functions found in its counterparts, the Nikon Z 9 and Nikon Z f.

This firmware update includes features that have been specially tailored for bird photographers, the Z 8 now includes a [Birds] option in its AF subject detection settings. This feature enhances the camera’s ability to detect birds against various backgrounds, such as forests or mountains, and in different states, whether flying or perched. This update promises exceptionally sharp images, catering to unique bird appearances that are typically challenging to capture.

Firmware 2.00 introduces the Auto Capture functionality to the Z 8, enabling automatic shooting for both stills and videos. This feature utilizes criteria like motion, distance, and subject detection, which can be applied individually or in combination, depending on the photographer’s needs.

A standout feature of this update is the pixel shift shooting function, designed for capturing high-resolution photos. By merging multiple NEF (RAW) files with dedicated software, photographers can achieve detailed captures of complex subjects, like intricate architecture and art, with accurate colour, texture, and structure representation.

The update also introduces the Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control, optimizing the rendition of rich tones and fine details in portrait photography. Additionally, the firmware enhances overall usability by allowing further customization of controls and introducing a half-press release option to exit zoom.

The full list of new functionalities made available through firmware version 2.00, which can be downloaded at no cost, is accessible on the Nikon download centre. For more details, visit

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