News |Nikon Z 50 L-Bracket announced by 3LT

Nikon Z 50 L-Bracket announced by 3LT

Precision fit L-bracket for the Nikon Z 50


3 Legged Thing today announce the Zayla and Zayla PD, two new dedicated L-Brackets that extend the companies collaborative association with Nikon. 

The two new L-Brackets are designed to snuggly fit the shape and contours of the new Nikon Z 50.

Building on the design features of the Ellie the 3 Legged Thing Zayla features a standard Arca Swiss plate profile making it widely compatible with a range of tripods and supports. 

The Zayla PD features a footing on the horizontal that enables full compatibility with the Peak Design V3 Capture Clips in four directions. It also fits Arca Swiss clamps on the horizontal and vertical. 

3 Legged Thing Founder and CEO, Danny Lenihan commented: “When Nikon first announced the Z 50, we were excited about the prospect of again working in collaboration with one of the world’s most recognised brand names, to create an L-Bracket dedicated to the camera. It’sIt’s a huge honour for us to be given the opportunity to work on the Z 50, and create this essential accessory before the product was even launched, and is testament to the incredible impact of our Zelda Bracket for the Z 6 and Z 7.”” 

Following on from the high-quality build and stunning aesthetics of 3LT’s3LT’s other L-Brackets, both new models are milled from a single block of aircraft-grade magnesium alloy. 

The shape and design of both has been modelled around the body of the Nikon Z 50 camera body to enable a perfect fit with full access to battery door, memory card slot and side ports. 

Each L-Bracket features a 1/4-inch screw to attach to the camera and locator tabs ensure that the L-Bracket fits snuggly eliminating any twisting motion once in place. Additional security comes in the form of security screws which helps to prevent mishaps once the L-Bracket is attached to the tripod. 

On the vertical of both Zayla L-Brackets are two 1/4-inch female threads which enable the secure attachment of screw-in straps r accessory arms. 

This addition is an essential for videographers needing to attach external microphones, lights or a video monitor. 

As with the vertical, there are two 1/4-inch screw mounts on the base; these are positioned to enable a strap to be attached. Traditional straps can be fed through the purpose made slot on the base and the other end to the camera strap lugs which are left clear and accessible by the Zeyla’sZeyla’s perfect Nikon Z 50 fit. 

Commenting on the collaboration Nikon UK Marketing Director, Jeremy Gilbert, writes: “”Zayla is a great addition to the range of dedicated L brackets made specifically to fit Nikon Cameras. As always 3 Legged Thing have taken great pride in their work and the attention to detail in both the product and packaging is testimony to this. If you own or are considering a Nikon Z 50, Zayla would make an excellent addition to your system.””  

Zayla and Zayla PD will be available in two colours, either Copper (orange) or Metallic Slate (grey).

The suggested retail prices are £79.99 / US $89.99 for ZAYLA, and £89.99 / US $99.99 for ZAYLA PD. 

For more information on ZAYLA and ZAYLA PD, visit the 3LT product page.


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