Nikon to add raw video support, 3D LUT to Z6, Z7 cameras

Nikon Z6 Review

Nikon has released a dedicated LUT for N-Log videography and will add support for raw video output straight from the Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras.

Due out later this year, the new Z6/Z7 firmware update will enable recording in Appleā€™s versatile ProRes RAW video format on the Ninja V 4K HDR monitor/recorder made by ATOMOS, which has collaborated with Nikon in developing raw video output technology.

The update will make the Z6 and Nikon Z7 the first consumer cameras to officially support raw video output, Nikon says.

The move should have great appeal to professional users.

Nikon’s new LUT, released today, is 3D, meaning you can adjust brightness, saturation and hue as well as RGB colours. It is compatible with the Rec. 709 colour space and is available in several version.

LUTs, or lookup tables, are a preset data of RGB colour values that videographers can use to colour grade footage in post-production.

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