News |Nikon launches NX Tether 2.0 softwares

Nikon launches NX Tether 2.0 software

Nikon launches NX Tether 2.0 software

Nikon has announced an update to its NX Tether software with a suite of enhancements and new features designed to streamline the workflow for professional photographers.

NX Tether 2.0 now offers an improved interface that simplifies the process of connecting Nikon cameras to computers. This connection enables photographers to capture images directly to their computer, providing immediate access to their shots for review, editing, or immediate delivery.

Another improvement in version 2.0 is the enhanced stability and speed of the connection between camera and computer, ensuring a more reliable tethering experience. Nikon says photographers can expect a seamless flow from shot to editing, reducing downtime and increasing productivity during shoots.

Additionally, Nikon has introduced several new features in NX Tether 2.0 that are geared towards improving the functionality and versatility of the software. These include advanced camera control options, allowing photographers to adjust settings such as exposure, ISO, and white balance directly from their computer.

Another new addition is the live view feature, which projects the camera’s viewfinder image onto the computer screen in real time. This feature is invaluable for composing shots with precision, focusing, and collaborating with clients and teams on set, providing a real-time preview of the captured image.

NX Tether 2.0 also supports a wide range of Nikon cameras, ensuring that photographers using different models can benefit from the enhanced tethering capabilities. The software is compatible with the latest operating systems for both Mac and Windows, ensuring broad accessibility and compatibility.

The update to Nikon’s NX Tether software is available for download now.

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