News |Nikon launches Instagram competition, new 100th anniversary content

Nikon launches Instagram competition, new 100th anniversary content

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Nikon has unveiled a new Anniversary Hub to showcase new content it has produced in celebration of its 100th anniversary, which will run through the summer.

Nikon’s 100th anniversary content series will consist of iconic images shot with Nikon cameras, stories and advice from Nikon photographers, a virtual tour of Tokyo’s Nikon Museum and an Instagram competition with a chance at winning some of the latest Nikon cameras.

Nikon’s Instagram competition for its fans across Europe will challenge entrants to take a photograph which is a reflection of themselves and their Nikon camera.

Participants who take the best selfie in front of a mirror, piece of glass, puddle or something else entirely could win a Nikon D500 or D7500. For details follow @NikonEurope on Instagram.

Other highlights of the Anniversary Hub will include a Virtual Nikon Museum which will offer a 360-degree virtual tour of the company’s Tokyo museum. Viewers will get an insight into Nikon’s technologies, products and key milestones in its history.

Icons with Nikons will showcase Nikon cameras and lenses that are used by people from all walks of life, including celebrities from music, TV and film.

100 Years of Stories will focus on iconic milestones, camera launches and product innovations from Nikon’s history.

100 Years of Helping is a series in which Nikon photographers will share their insights and advice to guide up-and-coming photographers.

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