News |Nikon to buy RED cinema camera brands

Nikon to buy RED cinema camera brand

Nikon designs a new sensor

Nikon has announced its agreement to acquire 100% of the cinema camera manufacturer RED, making it a full subsidiary of the Nikon Corporation.

This acquisition marks a significant step for Nikon as it aims to strengthen its position in the professional digital cinema camera market by integrating RED into its corporate structure. With Canon and Sony pushing further into the Pro AV market, it’s a bold move and one that makes a lot of strategic sense.

Since its inception in 2005, RED has been a key player in the digital cinema camera industry, introducing products that range from the RED ONE 4K to the V-RAPTOR [X], known for its proprietary RAW compression technology.

RED’s achievements in the industry have earned it an Academy Award and made its cameras a favoured choice for many Hollywood productions.

Nikon says the acquisition stems from the shared goals of Nikon and RED to enhance customer satisfaction and user experience, combining Nikon’s expertise in image processing, optical technology, and product development with RED’s knowledge in cinema cameras, including unique image compression technology and colour science.

This collaboration is expected to lead to the development of new products in the professional digital cinema camera market.

With this acquisition, Nikon plans to further its reach in the growing professional digital cinema camera market, leveraging the combined strengths and networks of both companies. The move is anticipated to spur continued innovation and product development, offering promising prospects for film and video production professionals.

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