Venus Optics has announced a new Laowa Magic Shift Converter for Sony E-mount cameras, which helps to correct the problem of converging verticals and distortion when shooting at wide angles.

The Laowa Magic Shift Converter is a lens adapter for Sony E-mount cameras that effectively converts your ultra-wide angle Canon EF or Nikon-mount lens into a shift lens by expanding your lens’s image circle.

The Laowa Magic Shift Converter’s shift mechanism then uses the enlarged image circle to shift the camera sensor along the axis.

Venus Optics claims it produces no vignetting even at the maximum shift and says the Laowa Magic Shift Converter is designed for use with the Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens, which it converts to a 17mm f/4 Zero-D lens with +/- 10mm shift capability.

The Laowa Magic Shift Converter also comes with a 360-degree rotation structure for shooting in both horizontal and portrait format. Below you can watch a short demo of how it works.

The Canon model is currently available for pre-order, with shipping scheduled for later this month and early August. The Nikon version will begin shipping in about two months’ time, Venus Optics says. You can pre-order from Venus Optics’ website.

In May, Venus Optics also debuted its Magic Format Converter, an adapter that expands the image circles of your Canon and Nikon full-frame lenses for use with the medium format Fujifilm GFX 50S.

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