News |Neurapix Unveils B/W SmartPresets for AI-Assisted Editings

Neurapix Unveils B/W SmartPresets for AI-Assisted Editing

New feature allows full shoots in distinct black and white style

Neurapix SmartPresets

Neurapix, has launched a groundbreaking feature for AI-assisted image editing. This feature offers photographers an innovative way to craft and utilize SmartPresets in black-and-white (B/W). This enhancement allows photographers to deliver entire shoots in their signature B/W style, providing a fresh perspective and added value to their work.

The process of using a B/W SmartPreset is seamless and integrates effortlessly into the existing workflow within Adobe Lightroom. Photographers can simply select the B/W style from the SmartPreset options after initiating the “Edit photos” command. This ease of use extends to reprocessing coloured images into black and white, enabling photographers to revamp their shoots with a monochromatic aesthetic without the need for extensive manual editing.

Moreover, the creation of B/W SmartPresets is designed to be user-friendly. When photographers create colour SmartPresets with a minimum of 500 images, a B/W version is automatically generated if the collection includes at least 20 edited B/W images. Additionally, Neurapix offers a “Kickstart” feature for those aiming exclusively to craft B/W SmartPresets, requiring only 20 images to define the unique style. This feature empowers photographers to develop and expand their black-and-white portfolio easily and efficiently.

Neurapix’s new feature is particularly beneficial for Flat-rate customers, who can access these B/W SmartPresets without incurring extra charges. Pay-per-picture users will find the pricing model remains consistent, with each image edit priced at 3 cents and additional editing options like straightening or cropping available for a nominal fee.

Simon Diegmann, co-founder and CCO of Neurapix, emphasized the transformative potential of this innovation: “Photographers often provide a portion of their photos in black and white to their clients, typically 10-15 per cent of the total. Now, they can offer 100 per cent of their photos in black and white, streamlining the process and enhancing their product offering.”

Neurapix, established in 2021 in Goettingen, Germany, has quickly made a name for itself in the AI photography space. The company’s AI technology learns a photographer’s editing style and applies it within Adobe Lightroom Classic, offering substantial time savings—about 90%—and ensuring consistency across large volumes of photographs.

For more information and to experience the new B/W SmartPreset feature, visit Neurapix’s website.

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