News |MOZA AirCross 3: Price, specs, release date confirmed

MOZA AirCross 3: Price, specs, release date confirmed


Today MOZA announced the AirCross 3, the latest addition to the companies line-up of lightweight, compact gimbal stabilisers designed for mirrorless and DLSR cameras.

The updated foldable design of the AirCross 3 makes this latest release easier than ever to transport, enabling more flexibility over the gimbal.

The new design enables quick transformation into multiple shooting positions, for example, Classic Mode, Sling Mode, Dual-Handle Mode, and Grip Extension. The upright on the handed design of the AirCross 3’s makes it incredibly comfortable and intuitive to use while still offering complete flexibility.

Shooting Modes

In the MOZA AirCross 3 Classic mode, the gimbal keeps the camera upright and stable for standard filming scenarios while dropping the gimbal down into the sling mode you have the same stability but now for low angled shots.

A Dual-Handle mode has been created for videographers who like to keep both hands securely on the gimbal and camera. This mode enables you to capture striking cinematic shots with slower motion and more control.

Couple the new MOZA AirCross 3 with the MOZA Slypod using the Grip Extension and you can instantly add advanced motion techniques such as panning to your slider shots.

MOZA has updated the companies powerful Deep Red algorithm the driving force and brain behind greater stabilisation, position control, behaviour prediction, and idiosyncrasy unlocking.

The gimbal is compact and has a weight to match coming in at 1.5kg, and that weight is with the tripod and battery included. The new design can support rigs up to 3.2kg, which means it’s powerful enough to handle most mirrorless and DLSRs on the market.

Powering the MOZA AirCross 3 is the Spark Power Supply System 3.0, which will give you up to 19 hours of use from a full charge. This built-in power pack offers 3500mAh and is charged through USB.

Another advanced feature is the MOZA AI, to see the gimbals AI features in action just gesture OK to the camera and it will start recording, then show a flat palm to stop. You do of course need to set up the camera and gimbal to communicate together.

MOZA AI builds in face and body recognition with the gimbal featuring its powerful computing power and compact 1MP camera that enables these advanced features. The MOZA AI system can pick up AI tracking even if a subject has been lost, and the system refinds them within a five-second limit.

Simplify For More Portrait mode is designed for Tik Tok and Instagram Stories. MOZA has added a new dual-layer quick-release plate for better performance in portrait mode.

The new gimbal MOZA has updated its UI Design on the AirCross 3, making the graphic sidebar menu much simpler to understand and use.

Price and Availability

The Moza AirCross 3 retails for USD 469 for the standard package. For more information, please visit


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