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Monogram Creative Console releases new Photoshop Plugin


If you haven’t come across Monogram yet, then the modular control board is well worth checking out. The direct physical dials, sliders and buttons enable an intuitive workflow through many popular applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro.

Today Monogram announced an all-new Photoshop plugin that has been created from the ground up and utilises Adobe’s new Unified Extensibility Platform (UXP).

This new Photoshop plugin for Monogram enhances the performance making it 2x faster and has been optimised for use with Apple M1 Macs.

“It’s been exciting to harness the power of the refreshed platforms from Adobe and Apple to bring to market a Photoshop solution with next-level performance and functionality for a new generation of creating,” said Calvin Chu, founder and CEO of Monogram Creative Console.

Monogram’s Creative Console offers creatives a hands-on approach to image enhancement with the freeform control surface changing the way you interact with applications such as Photoshop.

Creative Conole consists of Monogram modules that have been specially selected to help enhance the Photoshop workflow. Now the all-new plugin enables even closer interaction.

A few of the new and enhanced features of the Creative Console for Photoshop include:

Brush & Tooltip Controls
Quickly resize brush/tooltip size hardness, opacity, flow, angle, roundness, and spacing. Brush property values appear on the Monogram display as they are adjusted, enabling you to use and adjust the tool for greater creative control.

Precise Color Mixing
Image colours can be accurately adjusted using HSB, RGB and CMYK mixing models. The Orbiter module can be used to mirror the display of the colour panels Hue Cube and Brightness. The Cube views enable intuitive colour mixing in three dimensions.
Designers will love the fact that commonly used colours can be assigned to keys and dials.

Full Layer Stack Support
A clever new feature is the ability to interact with the layers stack. Select, Add, delete, merge or group layers directly with the Monogram modules.
Layers can be easily moved up and down stacks or faded in and out using layer opacity and fill opacity. The plugin also enables full blend mode support.

Custom Actions
Use some Photoshop functions and features as a matter of course when it comes to adjusting images? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that one of the major features of the Monogram plugin is to enable the assignment of Actions to the Essential Keys and Dial Modules. One tap and the action of choice can be recalled and applied.

New Monogram Plugin Panel
Keeping track of the adjustments has been made easier with live values being displayed on the Monograms screen. Values for properties including brush and tooltip attributes (size, hardness, flow, and opacity) and the
foreground colour (hue, saturation, brightness, and hex code).

Seamless App Switching
As ever, the new Monogram Photoshop plugin still enables you to quickly switch to other apps, enabling the Monogram Creative console with other applications.
As well as Photoshop Monogram CReative Console offers native integration with Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, MIDI-enabled DAWs, including Logic Pro and Unreal Engine. As well as those apps that have native support, Monogram also has universal app support.

Easily Expandable
Monogram Creative Console has been designed for the creative industry and gives intuitive physical adjustment over your images.
Part of the beauty of the system is that you can expand and change the layout of the control board to fit your workflow. More modules can be added or taken away; the way you use Monogram is completely up to you.

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