HOW TO... Monitor calibration for beginners

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When you’re just starting out in photography its often all about capturing the image and discovering new techniques that you can try out with your camera.

The fun and excitement of capturing the perfect image is something that will inevitably stick with you so making sure that you can show others that picture in the best possible light is essential.

In this video Ashley Karyl, an expert in colour management, explains monitor calibration for beginners.

As Ashley explains, monitor calibration is essential to the quality of the images that you produce and even though the colours might look right on screen when it comes to sending them on to others or the printer then colour and tone can all start to look a little wrong.

Monitor calibration used to be tricky and there used to be techniques that many would swear by that involved tweaking your monitor settings as a variety of calibration charts, tones and colours flashed on the screen.

Doing monitor calibration by eye is by no means ideal and even the most finely honed expert would have to admit that even entry-level calibrators such as the ColorMunki Display are capable of producing a far better result.

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Using devices such as the ColorMunki Display make monitor calibration exceptionally easy for anyone. If you have any questions about the process or would like any further information on colour management please let us know.



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