News |Moment launches two variable ND filters

Moment launches two variable ND filters

Moment launches variable ND filters

You may not have come across Moment before, but they’ve been around for a while producing high-quality filters for smartphones and drones. 

They’re an interesting company and sell themselves as a photographers outfitter, partnering with and selling other manufacturers gear as well as their own. 

As well as camera gear Moment also run trips and online courses, so well worth checking out their site 

Back to the job in hand and their latest releases are two all-new Variable ND’s one 2-5 stop and the other 6-9 stop.

While both can be used for either stills or video the 2-5 stop is ideal for stopping down to get the right shutter speed when shooting video and the 6-9 stop is ideal for stills photographers wanting to extend exposures. 

Both variable NDs are available in diameters ranging from 58-82mm giving plenty of flexibility and compatibility. 

In look and design the two filters are much the same aside from the markings and density, as such:

Each filter features Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass, this helps to ensure crisp edge-to-edge colour without fringing or cross polarisation.

Moment has made sure that their new variable ND filters stand out with precision machined rings that have been made from aerospace-grade metal.

One design that Moment is keen to point out is that they feature a unique flared geometry that enables you to see your ND number from behind the viewfinder. 

This small mechanical feature provides fast, precise control and enables you to see the exact density your choosing without looking at the side of the filter. 

As with all good variable NDs, these Moment filters feature hard stops at each end of the rotation, this helps to avoid the dreaded black X.

Moment Variable ND features

  • German Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass for superior optical clarity
  • Available in both 2-5 stop (ND4 – ND32) and 6-9 stop (ND64- ND512) ranges
  • Advanced optical coatings for cinematic colour and rugged durability
  • Precision tuned to never cross polarize
  • Hard stops on both ends of the stop range for more precise control
  • Works with any standard centre pinch lens cap (like the one you already have for your camera lens)
  • Works with step-up/step-down rings
  • Laser-etched markings allow you to see your stop from behind the viewfinder
  • Body machined from aerospace-grade metal to withstand use, drops, and adventure
  • Knurled grip texture for more control and easy removal from lenses
  • Conical geometry acts as a microlens hood, cutting unwanted glare and reflections
  • Includes a foam-lined, metal carrying tin for protection on the go and a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Covered by our lifetime warranty

The moment 2-5 stop and 5-9 stop Variable ND are on sale from $129

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