The MGCOOL Explorer Pro action camera launches with 4K features for less than $70.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

MGCOOL is a relatively new action camera brand and already produces the MGCOOL Explorer 1S and the budget-friendly MGCOOL Explorer ES. Now joining the line-up is the MGCOOL Explorer Pro. This small action camera boasts impressive specifications including 4K video and all at just $69.99.

TheMGCOOL Explorer Pro will be available in either a black or silver editions, same spec’s just different colours, unlike the old GoPro Hero4 action camera’s that used the colour names to differentiate between different models with different specifications.

At the top of the feature list is the 4K video resolution that can capture at 30fps. Then there’s 2.7k at 30fps and Full HD at 60fps. On the back of the camera is a large 2-inch LCD and, as usual for all budget action cameras, it will come encased in a 30m waterproof housing.

The company has greatly advanced its aspirations since the launch of its early action cameras, and with the Explorer Pro it’s really looked at fine tuning quality. MGCOOL is especially excited about the development of the 6G Sharkeye wide-angled lens that will give a 170-degree ultra-wide field-of-view. This lens has been designed to reduce distortion, optimise light transmission and colour reproduction. The company is confident that this lens will produce results that are equal, if not better than, those from the GoPro Hero4.

Inside the MGCOOL Explorer Pro is a Sony IMX179 Sensor which enables back side illumination (BSI). This technology has been developed to help the camera capture high quality images even in low-light conditions. We’ll check out how well this works when a review sample arrives next month.

As always the sensor is only the start of the story and it’s coupled with the Allwinner V3 processor that features direct H.264 video capture. How this processor will perform is a bit of an unknown at present, but at the very least the specifications are impressive.

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As standard the camera has a range of features and shooting modes including time-lapse and slow-motion capture.

Power for the camera is provided by a rechargeable 1050mAh battery and this should be good for a 100 minutes of non-stop 4K video. Wi-Fi is of course featured and this enables you to quickly establish a connection with your Android or iOS mobile device loaded with theMGCOOL Explorer Pro App.

You can check out more from the MGCOOL on their website or facebook pages.

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