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Manfrotto unveils EzyFrame Backgrounds


Manfrotto’s vintage style Covers and Kits for the EzyFrame Background System are strangely appealing. Forget the textured backdrops that were so popular back in the 1980s; whilst vintage in style, these backgrounds have been designed for today’s fashion-conscious photographers.

The new backgrounds have been developed for use with the 2 x 2.3m EzyFrame, which gives a greater shooting area than the 1.5 x 2.1 collapsable options. I also find the EzyFrame far easier to transport over the collapsible versions.

The new colours include Walnut, Sage, Pewter, Ink, Aubergine and join the existing Tabacco, Olive, Smoke and Concrete. The vintage-style backdrops look great, with the colours and textures finished off with a heavy vignette.

As with the previous options, the fabric clips onto the quick assemble aluminium frame. Complete assembly takes a couple of minutes and is incredibly easy.

An added feature of the EzyFrame Vintage backgrounds is a small 15cm skirt along the bottom edge. This skirt is designed to cover the aluminium frame helping to smooth the transition between the background and your choice of floor covering.

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