News |LUMIONIX launches KOMET Smart Camera Triggers

LUMIONIX launches KOMET Smart Camera Trigger


LUMIONIX, has announced its groundbreaking camera trigger, the LUMIONIX KOMET. This state-of-the-art photography tool, now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, is poised to redefine how photographers capture and create stunning images, at least according to the company.

Designed as the ultimate companion for photographers, from seasoned professionals to newcomers, the LUMIONIX KOMET promises to elevate the entire photography experience. Packed with an impressive array of features, it empowers users to push their creative boundaries and capture breathtaking moments effortlessly.

At the core of KOMET’s capabilities is its high-speed, wireless flash control, apparently liberating photographers from the hassles of tangled cables. This advanced camera trigger also includes an add-on flash receiver, ensuring seamless synchronization between the camera and flashes. This all sounds incredibly exciting and useful so I hope to take a look at a production version in the not too far distant future.

The LUMIONIX KOMET offers an array of additional features to streamline the photography workflow:

Timelapse: The built-in timelapse functionality simplifies the creation of captivating images. With the innovative distance lapse feature, users can set the distance interval via their smartphones, leaving KOMET to handle the rest.

Geo-Tag: Organizing and categorizing images based on location becomes a breeze with KOMET’s geo-tagging feature.

AI Suggestion: The beta AI photo suggestion feature presents visually similar photos to the scene a user wishes to capture. Users can swipe through these suggestions, tweak them to match their conditions, and even contribute photos to the LUMIONIX community.

File-Manager: This service allows for on-the-go file organization. Inserting the camera’s memory card into the portable hard drive simplifies file transfers, ensuring a smooth workflow for photographers.

Nazmus, Founder of Lumionix, shared his excitement about the Lumionix KOMET camera trigger, stating, “Our aim was to provide photographers with a simple, all-in-one solution that elevates their creativity and simplifies their workflow. With its extensive range of features and advanced technology, we believe it will revolutionize the way photographers capture and create stunning images.”

LUMIONIX, as a company, is committed to pushing the boundaries of photography with cutting-edge tools that ignite creative light. The Lumionix KOMET camera trigger is a testament to this commitment and is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. If this all sounds interesting, then you can find out more on the LUMIONIX KOMET live campaign page.

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