Looparoid, a new photo app from MAGIX, lets you combine your images from different apps into animated gifs that resemble classic Polaroid instant prints.

Looparoid can bring up to eight of your images from varying apps together to create one photo story, and each frame is fitted within a Polaroid-style frame.

“A million photos are created every day and there’s a story behind each one. With Looparoid, we want to inspire people to tell these stories”, says Max Herberger, Looparoid product owner.

“Using the app’s selection of frames and effects, any user can create a Looparoid that fits their own unique photo story. In addition, we’ve paid a lot of attention to simple, intuitive operation, so that creating Looparoids is just as fun as looking at them.”

Looparoid is free and available for Android users with Android 5.0 or higher.

Click here to download the app.

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