News |Liverpool set to host LOOK/17 photography festival

Liverpool set to host LOOK/17 photography festival

Liverpool set to host LOOK/17 photography festival

LOOK/17, Liverpool’s International Photography Festival, is set to open on 7 April for its 10th year running.

Billed as the largest photography festival in the North, this year will explore themes such as urbanism, social housing, architecture, commerce and colonialism.

The festival twins Liverpool and Hong Kong and will see Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery working in collaboration with Hong Kong-based curator Ying Kwok to exhibit images taken in both cities.

Venues hosting exhibitions include the Open Eye Gallery, Museum of Liverpool, RIBA North, Victoria Gallery & Museum, Hardman House and in public and open spaces across the city, with work focusing on urban redevelopment, recent political activity and telling different stories of their cities from different cultural perspectives.

Sarah Fisher, Director of Open Eye Gallery says: “We share billions of photographs of urban life every day via social media.

“The idea of a specific city, our understanding of how we live in it, its history, people, institutions, icons, challenges and triumphs are all expressed through these photographs we share.”

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