News |Litra launches next-gen LitraStudio lighting

Litra launches next-gen LitraStudio lighting

Litra LitraStudio

Want the next generation of lighting then look no further than Litra. The company has just released the new LitraStudio RGBWW lamp which joins the LitraTorch and LitraPro that were both launched back in 2018. 

The two previous lamps we’re impressive offering full-spectrum lighting, 95CRI and are completely waterproof. 

The new LitraStudio RGBWW is the worlds first portable RGBWW light offering absolute colour accuracy and designed for filmmaking, broadcast, videography and photography. 

Like the two previous lamps, the new addition is compact in size but is still capable of supplying 3000 lumens of colour accurate illumination.

Inside the lamp is a powerful rechargeable and swappable 9000mAh battery. This supplies plenty of power to the lamp even at 100% offering an hour of runtime, drop the power and the runtime can extend up to 20 hours. 

As with most LED lighting options, the LitraStudio RGBWW brightness can be adjusted from 100% all the way down to 0 enabling plenty of control and flexibility.

The colour temperature of the lamp can also be adjusted to suit the lighting requirements inside or out.

Ensuring that the lamp fits in with the workflow there are multiple different ways of operating the lamp. BlueTooth that connects in with the mobile app for iOS or Android or there’s even the ability to plug the lamp into professional DMX setups. 

Want more simplistic control then on the back of the lamp, there’s the option for direct interaction over the settings. On the back, there’s an OLED display that enables easy navigation and orientation around the lamp.

Looking for a lighting style then there’s plenty of presets programmed in these include; CCT, HSI, GEL as well as effects such as police, paparazzi and candle. 

The colour accuracy and control over the lighting are big features but these are joined by a rugged go-anywhere design. 

The all-metal exterior is designed to be used on set and is completely waterproof down to 30foot/10m, this makes it ideal for use out on location whatever the weather. 

Each LitraStudio comes with a rechargeable battery, slip-on diffuser, 45W quick charger USB Type-C cable, Bicycle-style grip handle and padded carry case. 

The LitraStudio RGBWW can either be used on its own or alongside others as a powerful creative lighting solution. 

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