News |Line launches Robinwood Project to support Ukraine

Line launches Robinwood Project to support Ukraine

linedock Storm Lamp

Line, the company behind LINEDOCK, has announced the launch of their non-profit initiative Robinwood. The project has been created to support employment and humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Read more about the Robinwood Project here.

The initiative aims to support high-end designers and tech products manufactured in Western Ukraine, away from the Front Line. All profits generated by the venture are being distributed to selected NGOs to help the 6.5 million Ukrainians who have had to flee their homes.

One of the many reasons behind LINEs’ creation of the Robinwood project is to support part of their team; four electrical engineers who were based in Kharkiv, but have now relocated. In 2019, LINE decided to move manufacturing from China to Ukraine and Denmark.

“As a startup, our mission is to change the world through technology. This usually does not include geopolitics. But the proximity of the conflict, the fact that it directly affected people we work with, some of them losing everything they had, meant that we couldn’t just sit and watch. We had to act.” says Quentin Malgaud, Co-Founder.

linedock Storm Lamp

The Robinwood collection features products designed and manufactured in safe areas in Ukraine, and LINE is working with Ukrainian designers, suppliers, materials and labour.

“Since the beginning of the conflict, many companies have temporarily shut down operations in Ukraine. People lose their jobs because of the war. Robinwood aims at supporting civilian populations financially and morally.” says Nancy de Fays, Co-Founder.

The range of Robinwood products are created from wood as this is a sustainable resource and has no military application. The NGOs involved are active in food, medical supply, childcare and non-lethal civilian and army protection.

One of the first designers to work with the LINE team on this new initiative is Julia Kononenko, who has created the Storm lamp. The design is reminiscent of the Ukrainian inner light shining through the chaos.

The Storm Lamp is available for purchase at $299, and more products will be joining the collection in the coming days.

About Line

Line is a hardware startup reinventing tech tools with perfection and durability from everyday life. LINE became known for its premium product LINEDOCK, an all-in-one docking station tailored for creators. In 2021, the company launched its second product, the LINEDOCK 16″, awarded “Best of Show” at CES 2020. Line has grown a strong foothold among creative pros with its easter egg culture and premium positioning. LINE is a Climate Neutral Certified brand.


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