Light offers L16 discount, grant scheme to photojournalists

Light L16 camera release date expected in July 2017

Light has announced a new scheme for photojournalists offering a discount on its L16 camera, as well as a potential $5,000 grant to pursue a story that matters to them.

The Depth Collective is a new program offering financial help to photojournalists. Any photojournalist with a US or UK address can apply for the program via a submission form on Light’s website.

A panel of photographers and photojournalists will then review the submissions and notify participants within a week from the time of their submission.

For those selected into the scheme, each will receive $500 off the price of Light’s L16 camera, as well as complimentary Peak Design accessories.

All photojournalists who join The Depth Collective will also have the opportunity to apply for a $5,000 grant to pursue the story of their choice.

Light says it will reveal more details on the grant in time.