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Dating from 1849 when Carl Kellner founded an Optics Institute in Wetzlar, Germany, Leica and its rangefinder cameras played a huge part in the popularising of 35mm film. It prides itself on the build quality of its cameras and optical excellence and its prices reflect the company’s high status.

Leica’s move into digital photography was a little lacklustre but the issues have largely been ironed out and it now has an impressive line-up of digital cameras that includes the black-and-white-only Monochrom, a full-frame compact camera (the delightful and in high demand Q) and medium format models. Leica also continues to produce film cameras and has recently branched into the instant camera market.

Leica launches D-Lux Explorer Kit

Leica Camera has announced a new revamped Leica D-Lux Explorer Kit, which includes new accessories such as an automatic lens cap and a Leica Rope Strap. The automatic lens cap, as its name suggests, enables users to take pictures without having to remove the cap from the lens. The shutters of the lens cap open…

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