Leica M10-D is a digital rangefinder for those who miss film

Leica M10-D is a digital rangefinder for those who miss film

Leica has announced the M10-D, a new offshoot of the M10 which is a digital rangefinder camera that offers no LCD and minimal controls.

The Leica M10-D employs the same 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor as found in the M10 and recently announced M10-P, but its design harks back to its film forebears.

In place of a display, on the back is a large dial which can be used to add exposure compensation, as well as turn the camera on and off or enable WiFi.

On top of the camera is a shutter speed dial, shutter button and ISO dial. There’s also what looks like a film advance lever around the shutter button, however this is in fact a fold-out thumb rest.

There’s also an SD card slot on the bottom of the camera, beneath a removable plate.

Interestingly, while it makes a strong nod to analog cameras, the Leica M10-D also looks to the future, using its WiFi capability to connect to your phone. You can then use Leica’s new FOTOS app for all other functions.

Leica says the app will also save all your personalised settings and store them in the camera

Like the M10-P, there’s no traditional Leica red dot logo on the front of the camera so as to provide discretion.

The Leica M10-D price tag is $7,995 and is available now from Leica Stores and dealers.