News |Lee100 filter system announced at The Photography Shows

Lee100 filter system announced at The Photography Show

Lee100 filter system

Lee Filters is a dominant force in the photographic filters market. The company’s premium filters are the staple of many professional landscape photographers, and they’re widely used in the film industry.

For 25 years Lee has set the tone for filters, and while the glass and resin optics frequently see additions, the filter holder has remained the same for years.

Now, with feedback from photographers, the Lee100 system is born and will be on display for the first time at this year’s Photography Show 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, stand G81.

The new LEE100 filter system is adaptable, intuitive and modular, with features that look set to make this a game changer for all photographic filter users.

First and foremost there’s a new design which helps to improve the handling when out in the field. The filter holder is new but has been designed to work with all existing LEE 100mm filters and adapter rings.

A spring release mechanism enables easy one-handed operation when attaching and removing the system, and a new blue locking dial offers three different settings.

Neutral: Enables the filter to be rotated and removed quickly – this also offers an element of safety for your camera and lens if the filter becomes entangled in clothing

Half lock: A more secure way of attaching the holder meaning it can be rotated but is locked to the adaptor ring, and cannot be removed.

Full lock: This fixes the holder to the adapter and cannot be rotated or removed.

The new holder also features redesigned modular filter-guide blocks, these come in one, two and three-slot configurations.

The simplified design looks to be an improvement over the previous generation of LEE Filter Holders and means they snap on to the holder and remain securely in place until the photographer is ready to remove them.

The holder with filter guide blocks offers a tapered profile that gives an improved resistance when positioning filters.

Pricing for the new LEE100 Filter System

The LEE100 filter holder retails at £69.95

New kits

There are three kits that include the LEE100 filter holder:

LEE100 Landscape Kit:
Includes LEE100 filter holder, LEE 0.6 ND medium grad
RRP £140

LEE100 Long Exposure Kit:
Includes LEE100 filter holder, Big Stopper, Little Stopper, LEE 0.6 ND hard grad
RRP £299

LEE100 Deluxe Kit:
Includes LEE100 filter holder, LEE100 Polariser, Big Stopper, LEE 0.6 ND medium grad, LEE 0.9 ND hard grad, LEE 1.2 ND medium grad, 50ml ClearLEE filter wash, ClearLEE filter cloth
RRP £540

You can see the new filter system at The Photography Show 2019 or head on over to

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