News |Interview with InMotion smart slider founder Slawek Potasz

Interview with InMotion smart slider founder Slawek Potasz

InMotion Slider

Today’s video needs to get noticed instantly, with many viewers now receiving their video fix through social media. Adding motion to your footage is a simple yet effective technique for adding interest, and the best tool for the job is a slider.

Motorised sliders have been around for a while, but while they’re effective they can also be incredibly expensive and bulky… that is until now with the release of the InMotion.

This product is a new Kickstarter campaign and one that should have appeal across the board as an effective video making tool at an incredible price.

We caught up with its founder, Salwek Potasz, to find out a little more about the project, who it’s aimed at and some of the InMotion’s more interesting cloud and RAW based features.

The InMotion looks to offer high end motion rig features to the masses. When you say affordable what sort of price range are you hoping for the launch?

InMotion Slider will start at $247 on Kickstarter (retail value $449 USD).

Your promotional videos show that some type of video processing is going on between the action camera / phone and InMotion, how does this work does the InMotion feature internal storage?

InMotion offers a cloud storage for your footage and photos. The footage is uploaded to the cloud and processed in the cloud. If working as part of a team, create a shared account for your entire team for easy access.

InMotion Slider

The panning and face recognition all looks interesting, will the InMotion automatically track people?

Yes – InMotion uses a face detecting algorithm designed to keep the user always in frame.

Does the App enable live streaming of footage from an linked camera or phone, and is this for Facebook and YouTube?

The App enables user to make a live stream from smartphone to Facebook or embed to any website using RTMP protocol. It does not support live streaming from the camera.

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What is the maximum weight of camera that can be used with the InMotion?

Up to 4.4 lbs (2 kg) in horizontal mode, 2.2 lbs (1kg) in vertical mode.

If the InMotion is a success will you expand to create a larger CSC or even DSLR version?

No, we want to bring cinematic camera movement to everyone (amateurs, professionals, casual users, etc) at an affordable cost. We think that the best camera is the one you have always with you – your smartphone.

InMotion Slider

How far does the integration with GoPro go?

When we ship the product, InMotion App will be able to start and stop recording, change modes and change settings.

How does the RAW processing work, is this done through the device or uploaded and processed on the Cloud server?

When processing time lapse footage, all RAW images are uploaded to the InMotion cloud and grouped as a series of DNG files. Afterwards virtual machines process each photo in parallel and unleash the true potential of RAW images by bringing amazing HDR timelapse.

Will the BlueTooth Motion Sensors be part of the package or will they be a separate purchase?

Bluetooth will be part of the fully loaded package, or can be bought via kickstarter by pledging additional 59$ to the Slider Price.

You say the rig will be portable, what kind of weight and dimensions are we talking about?

The mount is 16.4 x 5.1 x 3.15 inches and weighs 3.95 pounds.

Are the rails included in the package and how many rails can be connected or is there no limit?

The rails can be bought for additional 49 USD. Up to two rails can be connected together, meaning that the total length can be 30”.

Who do you see using the InMotion, bloggers, photographers, filmmakers?

InMotion is for all kinds of people – musicians, filmmakers (professional and amateur) travellers, small business owners, influencers, and vloggers.

You can check out more about the campaign and the slider in this video or visit their Kickstarter campaign page



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